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The Art of Kimberly Godfrey

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Khaleesi: Where are you from?

Kimberly Godfrey: I’m from the Emerald City which is the nickname for Seattle, Wa, USA – but I live in England now …this Sceptered Isle …home of the British villain!

K: How did you meet Loki?

KG: In Thor, of course! It seemed to me that Tom really ramped up Loki’s game in the Avengers –

K: Why did you start to create fan art?

KG: I knew Loki had an Army of fans – so I thought I would create a couple of paintings – which sold almost immediately in my Etsy shop. My Loki art prints became very popular as well – so I usually try to paint a new one every few weeks or so. A percentage of the profit always goes to our local RSPCA Animal charity.

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Awesome Loki Scepter Give Away

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Cool news!!! Teresa’s Custom Designs has donated a handmade Loki’s Scepter Pendant as a cool give away for Loki’s Army 🙂 To win it please:

  1. Like Loki’s Army Facebook Page
  2. Share this post
  3. And comment something!

The last day to like, share and comment is May, Wednesday 28, 2014. The winner will be announced on THORsday 29, 2014. Note that we choose our winners using random.org.

Good luck!!

Note: Teresa’s Custom Designs will send the handmade Loki’s Scepter directly to the winner.

Impressive Fan Art by Katarina Venom

loki, loki's army, loki of asgard, loki laufeyson, loki of jotunheim, fan art

This time I’d like to share with you an impressive artist: Katarina Venom. She creates impressive pieces of digital art, like the one on the top. Her style is fresh, and… well… just impressive! She conveys so much in each of her portraits that the only adjective I can find is: impressive!

Just take a look to her style in her page, or take a look here. You are going to be awed!

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Derlaine’s Awesome Loki’s Fan Art

loki, loki's army, loki laufeyson, loki of asgard, loki of jutenhaim, derlaine, sexy, sexy loki, cute

Again, in total awe for the work of Derlaine, I share her Fan Art of Loki. It is an amazing work! (See the sexy Loki up there? Isn’t it well done??)

loki, loki's army, derlaine, loki of asgard, loki laufeyson, fan art, cute

Loki letting himself… go!

loki, loki's army, loki laufeyson, loki of asgard, fan art, derlaine, cute

And with a little bit of magic!!! Tadaaaa!!

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