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Artwork by Hele-PJ

We are getting more and more mails and having cool conversations with members of the Army. We have noticed that the numbers of Geeks and Nerds in the Army is high. And, we’ve discovered that we have Aspies and HFAs in it as well! Some Geek & Nerd members however, have discovered that they have an “systematic brain” (due to long conversations with us).

Let’s explore some of the Army Members’ brains together!

Are you a proud Geek or a proud Nerd?? Do you know what Aspergers or HFA is? Both Aspergers and HFA belong to the autism spectrum. Humans have thought, till now, that everyone had the same type of looks towards the world. Now we know, that different brain wiring leads to two different types of brains: the neurotypical and the autistic.

Most part of society has a neurotypical brain. Neurotypicals have an “empathic brain”. It means that they will get emotional, and empathize with other people easily. The autistic brain however is defined as a “systematic brain”. It means that they will look like “emotionless” or “detached” when socializing. (They do resemble Vulcans, or Mr. Data in Star Trek). That they look like “feeling-less” or “aloof” does not mean that they do not have feelings! They show them in a different way, or are more reserved than a neurotypical might be. Take a look to this picture:

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Not all people are on the edges! Some people are getting closer to the middle. It means that, even though there are two types of different wiring of the brains, there are many sub-types in it. Both sides will share traits, and both sides will share the same way of looking at the world.

So, there are two main types of brains which are simply wired in different ways! But in between there are many different brains!

What do Geek/Nerd brains share with Autistic Brains?

First of all: not all geeks/nerds have an autistic brain. But many geeks/nerds (specially nerds) can have an autistic brain. Geeks/Nerds have in common with autism:

  • They have some sort of social phobias: whatever the social phobias might be, geeks, nerds and people with some type of autism have special approaches towards others. Some have real phobias, others just get nervous or anxious when contacting with new people, others are really reserved.
  • They like technology: there is a tendency to like techie devices, technology, science, computers, science fiction, etc.
  • They focus on a particular subject, or set of subjects: they like to know a lot about one subject, or a set of them. Geeks are thought to focus more on just a subject, whereas Nerds are thought to focus on a lot of different subjects (but this is subjective, since both words are used as synonyms and people tend to refer to themselves taking the word they like the most).
  • When talking about something they like they can move abruptly, or increase the tone of voice without noticing.
  • (And, etc.)

Some HFAs will share with Nerds a refusal to physical confrontation and/or touch. Some HFAs are so sensitive that when touched they can feel pain! (One example is Temple Grandin, who invented a “hugging machine” to get rid of her anxiety towards people, and escape from human hugs or human touch).

Why Loki’s Army Geeks/Nerds, Aspies and HFAs love Loki?

Geeks, Nerds, Aspies and HFAs share something very important in common: the love for intelligence. Loki is highly intelligent, and being quite Geeky himself (at least in the first Thor movie), means that he is dragging towards him all types of brains: neurotypicals (in love with his looks mainly), and those who not only love his looks but also his intelligence. The way he uses his intelligence to overcome obstacles is just cunning. Even if he is highly neurotypical (the way I would react when angry), his intelligent part makes of him a preference because he is the intelligent one in the movies. (He only gets challenged by Ironman in the Avengers…)

So, at the end of the day, we have Loki, the Geek God of Mischief, dragging towards him, like a giant magnet of ginormous power, lots of different types of people, specially those who identify more with him. It is not only the looks but the brains which makes him the God of many!

Know about your brain type.

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Go to Aspie Quiz and take the test (it is free). You don’t need to log in or anything.

The results are not definitive. If you get an autistic score, it just means that you might have some type of autism, but that’s all. To know for sure if you are or not, take your results (the page actually creates a kind of map which is cool, btw) to a doctor specialized in autism. I stress this part: specialized in autism (other doctors will be just useless!)

So what if I am autistic? Will it keep getting “worse” or will it go away? Can it go away? Is this bad?

It is not bad to be autistic, it is just different. It will not go away, and it will not get “worse” with age. Your brain is just wired differently, and this only means that you see the world and understand things in a different light. That’s all.

You might like to be with intelligent people, you might get nervous when stupid behavior is around yourself, or you might be reserved. That is just fine. Many people share your points of view, many people have a similar brain to yours, and many of those who do not share the same wiring, do share your views.

I am an adult. Does it change anything if I get diagnosed?

First of all: look for a doctor who is an autism specialist (I won’t get sick of telling this enough, normal doctors or docs who are not specialized in autism are really useless). Knowing will help you improve your quality of life.

Remember: knowledge is power. And knowing more about yourself will empower you further.


Important! I am no doctor specialized in this! My bf has autism, one of my best friends has autism, a friend of a friend has autism, and I am a Geek. If you need professional advice: search for a doctor who is specialized in the autism spectrum.

Artwork: Hele-pj, deviantart.

Film & People:
Temple Grandin

Jacob Barnett

About Autism

Some books:

  • American Nerd. The Story of My People. By Benjamin Nugent.
  • Been There. Done That. Try This! An Aspie’s Guide to Life on Earth.
    Edited by Tony Attwood, Craig R. Evans and Anita Lesko
  • Thinking in Pictures: Other Reports from My Life with Autism. By Temple Grandin.
  • The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum. ByTemple Grandin and Richard Panek

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