Contribute in Loki’s Army

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Do you want to contribute? Would you like to share your art with us? Your Costume? Your handmade items? Your theories about Loki?


Feel free to contact us at saymyname @ and propose your contribution 🙂


♬ Submissions must be sent by email.
♬ Submissions must be in .pages, .doc, or .docx file formats.
♬ Pictures must be sent separately, meaning: not embedded into the document.
♬ You must indicate if it’s your art, photograph, or somebody else’s. You must indicate the original source of the media.
♬ Hyperlinks should be indicated in brackets within the text with the words they must be associated to. Ex: [Loki’s Army,]
♬ All submissions must be about Loki or Loki’s Army (the fandom.)
♬ Remember to include hyperlinks to your blog, page, Twitter, Facebook page, etc.
♬ Check your spelling & grammar: we will not edit what you write.
♬ Send your submissions in English.

Know more about all contributions here.