★★We want Tom happy★★

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We’ve been asked, through mail, if some of the rumors online about Tom being engaged are true. Well, we have **no idea**, so please stop thinking about Ragnarok xDDDDD Simply put: he deserves to be happy, have a private life, and continue to work as other people do. So, whether he is or not engaged, has or not a girlfriend, reality is that we’ll follow cherishing his work and keeping being his fans. We like the roles he plays (specially LOKI), the movies he is in, and well… isn’t that enough? We enjoy ourselves with his movies, with his interviews, and with all the pictures that are online. We create memes, fan fiction, fan art, and can dream of other worlds. Isn’t that cool? I mean, that’s awesome!

So, please: don’t ask us about if Tom is engaged or not, because we won’t be able to answer you. We are more focused on films and comics than the yellow press ^^; (Okay, and also memes, fanfic, fanart, cosplay 🙂 ). We will keep on being his fans with or without girlfriend, with or without wrinkles, with or without long dark hair… He is Loki, you know, and he can do what he wants <3