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Dear Sienna Guillory,

Darling, where are your manners? As a celebrity, a star, a public figure, you have to give example to young people. And slut-shaming fans is not precisely a way to give example. Is it, Darling?

Darling, I don’t know you personally. I am not your fan. I am not a teenager, but I’ve been one. And I remember my teenage years to be a hard time. Teenagers look up to stars for direction. Not only in terms of fashion, but also in terms of personality and manners. Darling, I must tell you: you’ve failed, not with us, but with your own fans. What guidance are you giving to them? Tell me, Darling, what type of guidance are you giving to your own teenage fans when your words appear in an article (Tom Hiddleston’s co-star Sienna Guillory forgets her manners and shames Tom’s teenage fans on Twitter) shaming people publicly?

Darling, why have you lost your manners? Why have you been rude with young girls? Why are you being rude with the rest of Loki’s Army (Tom’s fans)? Why would you slut-shame part of a fellow artist fandom? Can you answer why?

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Do we glimpse jealousy here, Darling? Or lack of maturity from your part? Or are we simply arguing about a digital tantrum because the ones waiting despite the chill, are not your own fans? Why would someone like you, a cute star, attack a group of people who, even not being your direct fans, will provably go and watch the movie you are working on right now? Why would you be so rude, Darling? Because you had to through a tantrum to someone, and those happen to be Tom’s fans?

Darling, it is not Hiddlesteria to wait outside in high-heels and no jacket to await someone you cherish. Fans can wait in sneakers, in boots, in Cosplay costumes or sitting on chairs reading a book. Fans could be holding a coffee, a Frappe or even be eating cookies. Does it really matter so much to you how Tom’s fans are dressed up? Does it matter so much to await with or without high-heels, with or without a cardigan, dressed as an astronaut or Cosplaying as Loki?

Darling, teenagers tend to wait outside because they have more time than us. You see, many fans have to go to work, and, even if they’d love to wait for Tom to ask for a picture, or just for a smile back, cannot do so because we need to support our families. That you see teenagers waiting does not mean that there aren’t other types of fans, too. Loki’s Army (Tom’s fans), is composed by people of different age ranges: there are children, teenagers, adults and grannies. We are eclectic, Darling: we are neurotypical, aspergers, autistic, heterosexual, gay, asexual, religious, agnostic… We are very diverse, Darling: we come from very different backgrounds, countries and cultures. So, you see, Darling, not only young people are Tom’s fans.

Darling, please take a long look at your co-star Tom Hiddleston and learn some Hiddlesmanners. Seriously. Your young fans look up to you, they cherish you, they copy you. Think carefully about the example you are giving to them. You are a public figure and you have to be careful with your words, because they can damage those who are still growing, or those who are having a hard time. Besides, Darling, it is far better to be a good example of what to do, and not an example of what not to do.

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Darling, this is not Hiddlesteria. These are Hiddlesmanners.

Loki’s Army.