Sigyn, a Thor Fanfic. Interview with MmsMcmillen

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Loki and Sigyn, by Dreambeing.

Today we are happy to have a Fanfic author 🙂 MmsMcmillen!

Khaleesi: Where are you from?

MmsMcmillen: Well I was born in a little town called Watertown which is in upstate New York. Don’t worry I understand about New York city. I grew up in Big Flats, NY. I have lived in many places in the United States and even in Germany. Currently I live in Joliet, IL which is near Chicago.

K: How did you meet Loki?

M: Well I haven’t actually met him yet, but I first heard about him from The Mask. Honestly why would you put something on your face before finding out what it does?

K: Why did you start to create fan fiction?

M: I love to write and fan fiction seemed like a great way to write stories that allowed you to borrow known characters.

K: From where do you drag your inspiration?

M:I am usually inspired by reading other writers stories.

K: Why do you think fan fiction is so popular?

M: Because they are stories about characters we already know and love.

K: Which is your favorite quote? Why?

M:Oh my goodness I love so many of them. I couldn’t possibly pin point just one.

K: What is your goal?

M: My personal goal is to create art that other people will enjoy. Rather that is one of my drawings or one of my stories.

K: Which is the piece you’ve created that you like the most so far?

M: Well this is my first Loki story so right now I don’t have a favorite.

K: Have you ever Loki’d anyone? How?

M: Nope I never have. Not even sure how one does that.

Find her Loki fanfic here.