Interview with the Fan Artist Grethe Fenyx

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Khaleesi: Where are you from?

Grethe Fenyx: Hello! I am Grethe Fenyx and I’m from Cape Town, South Africa!

K: How did you meet Loki?

GF: He kind of snuck up on me (as he does!) – I’ve been reading old Thor comics for years but I never really paid any attention to him until watched the first Thor movie with my boyfriend a few years later and was pleasantly surprised with Hiddles-Loki. It goes without saying that movie-Loki is a lot cooler than comics-Loki, if only for the better outfit!

GF: I don’t normally do fan art as I have an entire legion of my own characters for my it’s-not-finished-yet!-graphic novel that I’ve been working on for years and years (and probably will still be working on for the next few years), so I use fanart as a way to hone my drawing and painting skill and pay homage to some of my favourite characters. A lot of them have inspired me to start drawing graphic novels as a kid, so I think of making fan art as a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the artists who work so hard to bring them to life.

K: Why did you start to create fan art?

K: From where do you drag inspiration?

GF: FEELS. I’m not even kidding. ALL THE FEELS.
Also, I’m a photographer so I see light in many different forms, which inspire me to try recreating it in my artwork. Oh and movies and music and things. But mostly feels.

loki, loki's army,, loki of asgard, loki laufeyson, loki of jotunheim, fan art

K: Why do you think fan art is so popular?

GF: Because… FEELS! No seriously, I think it has to do with the fact that people identify with characters and it allows an avenue for interpretation, which is awesome. A long time ago I said I don’t like drawing fan art but I’ve since had a change of heart!

K: Which is your favorite Loki quote? Why?

GF: Hahaha, he’s such a bad-ass! I love Loki because he’s so unapologetically cynical and sarcastic and bad, it’s amazing!

There’s a few quotes but here are some favourites:
– “It’s not that I don’t love our little talks, it’s just… I don’t love them. ”
– “Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel. ”
– “Oh but I LIKE thissss…!”
– “Ehehehehehe…”
– “Ta-daaaaaaa!”
– “Well done, you just decapitated your grandfather…”
– “I DO WHAT I WAAAAAANT!!!!” (not really a movie quote, but a good one nonetheless!)
– “If it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll have that drink now…”

What a guy!

loki, loki's army,, loki of asgard, loki laufeyson, loki of jotunheim, fan art

K: What is your goal?

GF: At the moment I would love to go further with my fashion photography and to one day maybe get that graphic novel published. Oh and to travel more and drink more tea. Wait, that wasn’t what you meant, was it?

K: Which is the piece you’ve created that you like the most so far?

GF: I haven’t drawn as many Lokis as I would like because I have so much work to do and I have to be in the right headspace when I attempt to draw someone’s likeness. But I can’t really say because I have the classic artists’ affliction of liking something I’ve created for five minutes before I move on to the next thing! There’s something I love in everything I create!

K: Have you ever Loki’d someone? How?

GF: Ehehehehe no, but I often out-Loki myself with my world domination schemes. Does that count? Oh wait, I probably wasn’t supposed to admit that on the internet, right?

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