Interview with fan fic author Krystallazuli

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Thorki by Trackhua

Khaleesi: Where are you from?

Krystallazuli: That is an excellent question. My parents claim that I am an alien child, since I do not act like anyone else in the family. They say I am from the planet Venus, making me a Venetian Blind – I wore huge glasses until an alien encounter corrected my vision… or was it Loki? However, I do claim to have lived on the planet Earth for some time. I currently make my residence in a place called “Illinois”. Any additional information beyond this is considered TOP SECRET “classified”.

KH: How did you meet Loki?

KR: I met Loki quite a few years ago, reading some Norse mythology. He was just standing there, watching me read. Did not say a word for a while, then he sat down next to me, pointing out that the tale I was reading was all a lie, made up by Thor, trying to make him look bad. Was rather strange. When I went to see “Thor”, I was surprised to see him in a movie… looked exactly the same. They did a great job choosing an actor to play him… or was it an actor? It might just have been the real Loki. I’m not 100% sure it wasn’t the real Loki…

KH: Why did you start to create fan fiction?

KR: I started writing fan fiction about 9 years ago, and for that I blame Captain Jack Sparrow, that crazy rum-soaked pirate. It started with playing in online RPG’s, that eventually transferred to creating fan fiction. One of the Yahoo groups (back when those were popular) had weekly drabble challenges and when inspiration struck me, I would respond. I also started a few longer stories, and some Lord of the Rings stories. Only one LOTR story ever made it to I blame a really snarky beta for causing me to drop fanfic for a while. I wasn’t writing the story they way “she” wanted it written.

I have since learned to write what I want… basically, I do what I want… sound familiar?

KH: From where do you drag inspiration?

KR: Depends upon the story. When I wrote the POTC drabbles, it was the prompt. Then I wrote some longer ones, which were based off my drabbles. My one LOTR story posted was for a contest (I did not win), but I loved the humor of writing it.

My Loki series, I am blaming on my exciting doctoral class “Leadership for Today’s Schools” (yes, it was as dry as it sounds… except for one assignment, and yes, I am working on a doctorate). Ah… that assignment. We had to select a current movie to watch and write a paper about. Now the paper was on how we could use the movie to teach diversity in the classroom. One requirement – it had to be something my students would watch. Of course, this assumed that it would be something a “teacher” might not watch… guess they didn’t know me. So, I polled my students, asking which movie that was showing at the theater near me they would see. “Thor: The Dark World” won hands down! Darn… I had to go see it again. However, viewing it for this assignment caused me to see things in a different light. Then I had to go back and watch “Thor” and “The Avengers” (which, fortunately I own) multiple times – it was tedious, but someone had to do it. I did get an “A” on the paper with kudos from the teacher – she was impressed. The multiple viewings of the three movies sparked a story that has obsessed me since January. I thought it would be one short story… HA! 66 chapters over four stories (so far) and 1 one-shot later, and I’m still writing it. I haven’t even gotten to the part that I initially started writing the story for!

KH: Why do you think fan fiction is so popular?

KR: Fan fiction is popular for many reasons. I think many people use it as an avenue to create stories they like. They may not like the ending to a movie, so they rewrite it. Or, they get an idea of what happened “after”. Others write because they think one day they will write the next Great Novel. It does offer people a chance to put their work out in front of an audience, so they get an idea if their work is good or not.

For me, fan fiction is simply an outlet for my creative writing. A break from the technical stuff I have to turn in every week as I work through the current university program I am in. I write for myself, and if someone else enjoys it, great.

My thinking on fan fiction, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

For anyone thinking about writing fan fiction, but you are afraid to post it… Just DO it! It is your story. If you like it, that is sufficient. I do recommend you get at least one beta (editor), as one of my pet peeves is reading a really good story that is filled with grammar and/or spelling errors. That detracts from the story to the point I will actually stop reading it. And please use spell check!

KH: Which is your favorite Loki quote? Why?

KR: I really have to pick just one?

Just one? Really???

Okay… if I can only pick one… “There are no men like me”

Why? Seriously? Just read that quote. It says it all. There ARE no men like him.

KH: What is your goal?

KR: World domination? Hmmm… maybe not, would be a lot to deal with.

My professional goals are to complete my doctorate in education, retire and teach online university graduate courses, but before I retire, I intend to continue to be the best teacher ever. I am a high school teacher (my students think I am COOL… go figure). I teach Industrial Tech – mainly robotics and electricity & electronics. I admit to being a geek, a total geek, and I teach geeks. The club I sponsor has a group motto “Join us now, or work for us later”. SO true of the geeks and nerds of the world. I think it is great that we are now no longer considered the weak ones. We will rule!

My personal goals are a bit different. I want to enjoy life to the fullest, do what I want to do (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else). Carpe diem!

KH: Which is the piece you’ve created that you like the most so far?

KR: The Infinity Series. It is up on both and AO3. I just started story #4, and already see a #5. This was ‘supposed’ to be just one story. It also has a one-shot associated with it, and more of those to come. Start with “Alliance,” it is the first story.

KH: Have you ever Loki’d someone? How?

KR: Heh heh… yes and often! I love pranking people. I do it to my students all the time. One of my favorites, and they fall for it all the time, is when one of the students notices I’ve had my hair cut and/or colored, they will ask, “Ms. N, did you get your hair cut?” My response “No, I just got around to washing it.” I love the looks on their faces! They TOTALLY believe me.

I think one of the best pranks I ever pulled was to a coworker. He used to pull his brand new sports car into our shop area when it was snowing outside. One day, I took a piece of white paper, cut it out to look like a puddle of white paint, and placed it on the hood of his car. When he walked back into the office, I said, “Dan…the janitors, they said they are really sorry about your car, but the paint spilled and…” He looked through the office window out into the shop; saw his car, which appeared to have a huge spot of paint right in the middle of the hood. His face went white and he walked out to inspect the damage. Needless to say, when he discovered that it was a prank, I needed to take a brisk walk out of our office… laughing all the way. I have to say, I did prank him a lot – he was so gullible!

I have tons of stories I could tell… but time is short, and I don’t wish to keep you away from reading my stories, so I invite you to take some time and visit my fanfic page. My Loki stories are titled “Alliance”, “Exile”, “Retribution” and the current story is “Redemption”. The one-shot is titled “Rage”, and the art for that I actually drew – first time drawing a person – rather proud of that. It’s not great, but I’m proud of it. My horse pictures are better… and my panda. I really love my panda drawing.

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