Dear Stan Lee, by Elena Pugh

Stan Lee & Tom Hiddleston, source: WhoSay.

Dear Stan Lee,

My name is Elena Pugh and I’m a big fan of your work and your amusing participation in the Marvel cinematic universe cameos. I’m jus a 16 year old girl who is weirdly into the entire universe of marvel and just that geek-nerd culture entirely and I felt the need that I really needed to thank you for your great work and tell you something important and possibly help out due to the fact I can see there is alot of confusion about what to do for many of the cinematic Marvel films. On a side note: Great cameos in the movies hehe, they are very creative and amusing to find : with me that mostly includes shouting out, “Look its Stan Lee” in a cinema theatre as people either nod their heads or it completely fly it over their heads , non the less its always a cheer to see you take part .

Im from Uk, England and not living in London makes it very hard to follow the first realises and ComicCons , especially the great ones like the San Diego Comic Con which had been a dream for me to visit. But more to what I really wanted to tell you: After watching Guardians of The Galaxy in the cinema I feel like I should tell someone who is involved with the movies that it opened alot of hope to a moisture story to Loki’s redemption or a way to “wow” the fans over by showing the real deepness or the accidental deepness of the movies and I feel that alot of directors- producers and screen writers are missing it .

As a bit of a theorist I have rapidly seen the potentials of the movie and tried to analyse it the best possible way, especially in the matters of seeing the true potential of the bad guys. Most of the movies have changed alot of your original outlook, especially the concept of Thor and Loki, but to me and to alot of fans it was still great to see your heroes come to the big screen: it opened alot of new doors to background stories . Back doors that I think only us fans who research can see them thought the eyes of someone who is personally connected with them.

While watching Guardians of the Galaxy I think that I might have discovered something im not sure move directors and producers and the screen writers would notice because after all it hard to see the smallest of the details when working on such a vast project (my hat goes down to all of them) and I wanted to share it with someone who is involved with the movies and who better then the big man himself.

I discovered that due to the fact Thanos was mentioned alot in the movie it allowed us to trace it back the the Avengers , specifically when Loki is given his sceptre that contains the infinity stone. As the theory of Lokis “innocence” at the beginning was purely impossible as there was no real prove but now this movie allows my own theory to linger on and be completed by using facts and references to the comics and movies due to the fact its being proven that it IS the Mind infinity stone and after following the events of Thor 2 it all makes sense now.

The pure fact is that this theory was sprung first when many ,including me, noticed that in many scenes of Thor : Loki was portrayed as having eyes with shades of green as they are with its actor Tom Hiddleston, while in the Avengers in many scenes you can see the actors eyes are portrayed blue, even a glowing blue at times which springs the question: Is he being controlled? I don’t know if this was intentional but it was clear you where trying to bring out the blue in Tom’s eyes , a mistake or not this can be worked with, worked with to a high advantage.

I know it wouldn’t match with you portrayal of it in the comic books but the Marvel cinematic universe is an open door , ready to explore and develop to new stages , especially with a charter like Loki who had been completely remastered and taken a second crack at.

Here is the Theory I long worked on :Thanos had “gifted ” Loki the sceptre that contained the Mind infinity stone so that he could conquer Earth and get the tesseract, the infinity stone of space, so that he could have both Infinity stones and rule earth (allowing Loki to think he would be king and in his desperate times he was forced to believe in that as the Thor endcredit scene never state the time period before the tesseract was shown so we can already imply he may have been controlled ) and non the less have an Asguardian fallen Prince would be beneficial to Thanos, let along frost giant powers and someone who knows his way around Asguard. Claiming infinity stones is a priority at this point and Thanos either wanted to take Earth or to merely claim the stone and allow Loki roam free since he no use for Earth any longer. (lets just talk cinematic universe wise) .

Due to drastic change in the potrayal of the eyes of Loki , I cant help but glimpse into the possibilities that link with how the cinematic stone works. Appears that Loki was made a puppet in order to claim the Tesseract and test the human capabilities as stated by Thor : by making weapons we are “allowing other worlds too see you are ready for a new level of war”. After the film Thor : The Dark world we see that the Aether in essentially within Asguardian knowledge of location and who but Loki, the trickster himself, could penetrate the walls of Asguard and find information : There is noone better made for that task and Thanos would know that.

Now we have a scenario where if Loki succeeds, Thanos now possesses 3 infinity stones . If Loki fails , Thanos sees the power of the humans and their full potential to war where the evens unearthed for him to remain in the shadows as Loki would receive all the blame due to blindness of Asguardians towards Loki. Being a charter who is vastly misinterpreted, as he stated that how he” never want to be a king just your equal” so that raises the questions : Why suddenly the will to be KING of Earth? Why not simply DESTROY it as vengeance? Why the sudden feel to RULE? Why not claim the Tesseract and destroy Earth? The Answer is: a increased obsession and increased grief.

From the cinematic representation we see that different Infinity stones have different effects on people and their wielders. Tesseract emitted gamma radiation, the Aether protects its user by destroying anything that comes close to them that means harm, The Orb (the power stone I presume) rips your body to shreds and turns your eyes purple if you aren’t strong enough and the Mind stone may mess with your mind and question your own choices and if Thanos possessed the stone before Loki he could have easily influenced the mind of the grieved fallen Prince and then gift him with the Stone, which would explain the telepathic communication abilities within the cinematic universe between Loki and “The Other” and also why we clearly see it pains him when it is performed and by the look of his expression clearly is somewhat against his will , narrowing that Loophole down to a close.

We all know after the events of the Avengers Dr. Selfig is driven to alot of madness due to the effects of Loki’s sceptre due to being in control for too long, but if Loki was controlled by the same power surly we will have an imprint on his own behaviour ? And sure thing we definitely see that in Thor 2 where he is portrayed as an anti-hero with glimpses of what he used to be before he drastically changed and Lokis redemption can be as simple as the event to untangle the reality to make Thor understand Loki or someone looking at his side of the story and that fact that the Mind Gem changes people ,by having highlighting your obsessions and strong emotions ( Eg: with Selvig being curiosity and science), can be the key to developing the cinematic universe back door and I thought as someone who created the original door you’d be interested about the back door at hand and as Avengers 2 comes to a close soon this can be truly expanded.

In all honesty as a fan on Loki as a developed character and a fan of the Avengers in general. I can see there is alot of confusion about Loki as he will no appear in Avengers Age of Ultron and as the only very loved “bad guy” of the cinematic universe I feel that at this point all the people who wok or are involved in the movie should know every existing back door to his charter to help them develop him and the movies..

And the ending to Thor 2 really let us see the triky side to Loki , questioning what happened to Odin but as Ragnorak seems the only option to make that can easily turn to a fight that ones and for all shows Loki and Thor on one side facing a greater evil. Or even Loki swearing vengeance onto Thanos following the example of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” with Thor.

I always thought that Loki along with Thor always deserved a twist as both charters are so well recreated. Thor being the most untreatable charter in the entire comic book series since Dr. Strange now became a model of how arrogance will hurt people around you and thinking before acting it a top priority alot of times. While Loki, being a hard core villain, now represented to show the bitterness of a lot of people who are left behind and that why I always loved the charter that you created orininaly in all his badassery and how he was changed in the movies.

Granted a great performance by Tom that really made Loki live but the fact that I can connect to alot of the decisions he had done, and honestly I would have choked THor in his sleep years ago if I was him. Loki wasn’t perfect, he had its nasty side but also the nice side , he doubted himself , and he drew himself into it abit too much at times like many would. I think i should really congratulate you that you’ve created a charter that then would be reimagined to relate to alot of people, perhaps to some in different ways then to others but non the less still someone you can feel for.

I always thought you’d share the pain of many fans about having a character you love die , especially one as loved as Loki. In the end I just really wanted to share my ideas with someone who cares about the characters just about as much as I do and keep seeing the better in them and I hope that Marvel continues its truly amazing cinematic progress that DC is desperately trying to catch up where I would show : DC- ” Its too Risky to do a wonder Woman film ” while Marvel replies with – “here is a movie with Vin Diesel as a tree and Bradley Cooper as a Racoon, oh and here are some Avengers treats for you”. DC is dieing in the cinema world……..HAW HAW!

I truly love your work and dedication to Marvel and trying to participate in every film made makes me very happy that you support us ,fans of your work, and that you try your best to show us how much you care for every movie made for us, to bring us the nostalgia of epicness and childhood memories into life action and honestly thanks to everyone who participated in doing the movies because they are the ones who made our childhood come to life , granted some movies with not much success the others but just look at DC failures and suddenly Marvel ones again becomes perfect. And I hope your very proud that the actors who took on the roles of your heroes really appreciate their fans and respect us unlike certain someone who participated in other childhood ” reimaginings”…….if you can even call them that they were so bad ** cough-Shia Labeouf-cough cough-Transformers-cough ** and I hope that it always makes you happy to see them act on stage , brining your creation to life.

Thank you for reading this overly long letter from just another very observant fan but still I feel honoured , feel honoured every time someone reads this because I always thought you need to congratulate those who truly deserve it and share your opinions with those who cares as much as you do. You even very much inspired me and my friend Alex to participate in the world of movies by creating our own revues and sharing the on Youtube ( Opposites Attack …weird name I know) and honestly if it wasn’t for you showing your appreciating by making film cameos me and Alex would have never probably took such a giant step into participation. I really would like to hear your opinions on my Loki theory but I understand if your a bit busy , still Im glad I wrote to you and I hope I didn’t bore you too much.

Yours sincerely, Elena Pugh

PS: sorry I suck as spelling and I tend to monologue……… hmmmm monologue….lets hope I wont become a villain and get shot down during one.