Redemption and Love, a Loki Fan Fiction

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Redemption and Love, a Loki fan fiction by Fireangel76.

Summary: “My story is set just as Thor Dark World begins but even if much of the main events will remain the same I ll take a complete spin on Loki as Thor tries to discover who is the puppet master after the invasion and deals with the consequences. Will Loki be able to prove himself worthy and stay out of Thanos reach? Will he learn from mortals what he couldn t in Asgard? Find peace love?”

This is a part of chapter 2: “Thor couldn´t take his mind of what he had seen, the bruising could have happened during the battle, but the scars. Those awful scars wrapping Loki´s body, he knew they had to be from a flogging. The mere though send shivers through his spine.
Who could have done this? Who could´ve scared his brother so much that he rather keeps quiet?
He had reached the healers room, he needed to find Sygn. She was one of the best healers and a very trustworthy person. He needed her to treat Loki’s wounds without their parents finding out, not that Odin would care he was too angry at Loki to care, he was too proud to admit Loki´s actions hurt him because he still lived him. And Frigga, she would freak out if she knew, she´d even try to set him free, which wouldn´t be the best thing considering how powerful a mage Loki was and how scared he looked. No, Loki would be safer for the time being on his cell –where no harm can come- he had said to him. Thor suspected it meant no harm could come to Loki there.”

This a fragment of chaper 3: “The tears … the rage … and the impotence.
His mother´s heart was broken … she couldn´t even hold his youngest son, she couldn´t comfort him which pained her the most.
-I wished I didn’t had to tell you mother, but father ordered me to leave in the morning and I can´t leave Loki alone…-he stated while looking at the ground, he felt ashamed he had to burden his mother with such knowledge.
-Oh Thor! It´s not your fault- she said reading his face- you didn´t knew either, and if you hadn´t been around the dungeons when Loki argued with the guards, we wouldn´t knew. But why haven’t you told your father?-
-I don´t think he´ll forgive Loki that easily, no matter the evidence. He´s too angry-
-You may be right, this isn´t the best moment to tell him, he has too much on his mind and blames Loki for the uprising in the Realms-”

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