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Dear Army members,

We’ve been receiving a bunch of mails from you. Some are great, awesome ideas, and great fan art. However, some people has had weird ideas about Tom Hiddleston, his Twitter account, Facebook page and how he should be taking care about fans. Because some of the ideas we read were astonishingly mad, we’ve decided to write some lines regarding Tom.

Though it might seem obvious: Tom Hiddleston is human.

This is important. He is not a thing. He is a human who happens to be an actor, who happens to be famous, and who happens to have an Army of fans. To have an Army is cool. The Army can support him and cherish him. We can enjoy his public appearances, his movies, and all the characters he plays.

But, if we forget that he is a human being like us, we start treating him as a thing, and when this happens we think that we can force him to do things. He is like us, and as such, he has the same rights we have. Among those rights, he has the right of privacy and decision.

We stress that again: Tom Hiddleston has the right of privacy and of decision.

This means that he can follow whoever he wants in his social media accounts. We cannot force a person to follow or befriend people or to post whatever we want him to post in his social media accounts! Do you see the problem in here?

Fandom stops being funny or supportive to someone when we demand spooky things from that person. In that moment, we are not fans anymore. We are really spooky monsters. We cannot force anyone to do things he doesn’t want to. Plain and simple.

This means that he can post whatever pictures he wants in his social media accounts. We cannot force a person to post certain pictures for the delight of other people, if he does not want to.

We all use our personal social media accounts as we wish. Famous people also have the same right. They can decide what to post, what not to post, what to make public and what not to make public. They decide who to follow and ignore.

It is true that stars have a smaller sphere of privacy in their lives due to their jobs, however this does not mean that we can force them to do things they don’t want to do. They have the same rights of decision we have regarding social media and everything else in life.

So, let’s remember that Tom Hiddleston is a human being, not a thing. Let’s support him! Let’s share the pics and memes we find, create fan art about him and his characters, watch his movies, etc. We have plenty of pictures online to stare at, and plenty of scenes in movies to start fangirling at.

Thank you for reading this reminder.