Loki fanfiction: “And then Thanos”

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‘ “I miscalculated; I should be dead but I ́m still here. I ́ve condemned myself to the void, to the non-existence. I should’ve plunged Gungir into my heart
instead, at least that way the pain would be gone by now. I ́m sorry. I was desperate. I miscalculated.”
Regrets turmoil in his mind as Loki kept falling, sometimes he wished he could find his way back to Asgard to his family and beg for their forgiveness, other has killed him in combat.
There was no way to keep track of time or distance in the void, the silence, the darkness, Loki has no way of knowing how long has he been falling, he felt becoming numb as time passed by, memories of happier days haunted him as much as the events preceding his fall. Nightmares assaulted him even when condemned himself to a far worst punishment Odin could ́ve though for him. And he started to think he deserved it.
He cried for his mother until his voice failed him, he knew it was futile no one would be able to hear or see him, but that didn ́t stop the ache in his heart.
-Heimdall, please. I ́m here please, please see me.- he whispered as he shed his last tears. He was too weak, he hadn ́t eaten or drank anything for what least three weeks. He started drifting in and out of consciousness as his strength abandoned him.
In one of those rare lucid moments he felt a presence reaching out for him, desperately he pulled all of what was left of his magic and cling to it, anywhere void was his last thought before he lost consciousness.
Sadly he miscalculated again. ‘

Written by Fireangel76.

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