(´。✪ω✪。`) LOKI XMAS STARTS…. NOW!!!! (´。✪ω✪。`)

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(´。✪ω✪。`) FIRST GIVE AWAY: LOKI XMAS STARTS….NOW!!! (´。✪ω✪。`) We have prepared for your a very LOKI XMAS!! And yes! We start in November! From now till December 24, we are going to give away lots of Loki presents for you! Check our blog and our FB page and have fun with us! (Our LOKI XMAS will last till December 24, 2014 and will have presents given by all the Admins + fellow artists pages). We hope you’ll like it!

We have a great LOKI PRINT from Art Studio Kimberly for you! <3 What to do? 1. Like us in Facebook + Like Kimberly’s page in Facebook too.
2. Tell us which is your favorite Loki quote :3
3. If you want, you can share this post and have more possibilities to win it (not compulsory)

When to do it?
From… right now! Till Friday 21, November 2014!!

When will be the winner announced?
On LOKIsday!!! Saturday 23, November 2014.

Good luck everyone!!!

1. We choose our winners using random.org
2. The winner must contact us before Monday 24, November 2014. If the person doesn’t contact us, we’ll choose another winner.