Loki fanfiction: Of all possible realities

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Loki´s Quest is the continuation of my loki fanfiction Redemption and Love and the third and last part of my Serie “Of all possible realities”, it takes places 16 years after the final chapter. The final confrontation between Loki and Thanos is inminent as Thanos has something in his power Loki wouldn t doubt to risk his life for. New and old allies help him as it becomes clear he will pursue his gold even without their help. He has lost too much, he wants his life back.

Chapter 1: Loss

Loki´s heart was broken; his beautiful wife had died during the angels attack on Asgard. He had been away on Earth with the twins whom had just turned eighteen that year on a mission with the New Avengers team.

Diane had finally given them permission to join the Avengers´ missions as long as their father went along with them. Most of the original avengers had retired from action but they continued taking part of the team training their children who had become the new members. Steve and Natasha´s son Chris fought alongside of his father and had become very good friend of Eydl and Even. Clint´s daughter Helen was the new Hawkeye. Tony and Pepper´s son Antony Junior who was his father´s spitting image was bound into becoming the new Ironman much to Peppers dismay. Thor´s children Asmund, Ronald and Ingrid were still too young to join the team but they were eager to follow their cousin’s footsteps

“Why was she outside the palace?” He kept asking himself

-She went down as a true warrior- Sif had told him. It didn´t made him feel any better, over the years she had asked him to train her so she would be able to protect herself, she kept getting into unexpected trouble whenever she was alone and eventually grew tired of having to wait for Loki and the twins to rescue her.

As he caressed her hair he asked out loud – What were you doing out there? – He was interrupted by Thor walking in.

-I´m sorry brother, are you ok? – He knew he wasn´t but he felt compel to ask him anyway.

-No, I´m not. I don´t think I´ll ever be all right again. It took me over a thousand years to find her, I´ll never be that lucky ever again- his eyes glistered with unshed tears –Do you know what she was doing outside the palace?-

-Not for sure but I would guess she was shopping for gifts for you and the children. They found her satchel.-he replied as he offered Loki Diane´s pouch.

Loki just stared at the bag but he wouldn´t take it for Thor, shopping, why? There wasn´t any birthday or anniversary coming soon. He just couldn´t understood why she had gone by herself.

Thor noticed his brother kept pensive and placed the pouch beside Diane´s body.

-Promise me you won´t do anything foolish- he finally pleaded

-Eydl and Even already made me promise when I asked them to leave me alone with their mother – Loki sighed.

-Then I´ll leave you to your thoughts brother –Thor replied as he gently placed his hand on Loki´s shoulder. He was worried Loki would take on a suicidal mission to avenge his wife….

My fanfiction serie “Of all possible realities” starts just as Loki falls from the Bifrost into the hands of Thanos who wants him to bend at his will, he vows to break Loki by any means necessary. As Thor and the Avengers defeat Loki Thor realises that there are hidden forces at work behind the chitauri invasion and is determined to find out. Loki helps Thor against Malekith but afterwards is left to deal with the consequences of his acts as Odin gives him a chance to prove himself worthy. Loki will be on a long path for redemption, love will unexpectly crash his way. Loki thought he could escape confronting Thanos but he is left with no choice as everything he holds dear is taken away from him. Hope lies within his youngest as cosmic forces became evident to be interfering on their lives.

By Fireangel76.