Does Odin really love Loki of Asgard? Or is there something more going on there?

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This is tough question: is Loki of Asgard really being loved by his adoptive father Odin? Or is Odin loving him in a very particular way? Is Odin following a cultural set of rules that their children might be challenging somehow? We’ll discover it thanks to a masterpiece. In Original Sin: Thor & Loki #5 we can find a page that speaks volumes about the relationship of father and sons, and a clash of generations and cultural values that are changing, specially related to gender.

It is a compelling page, which has lots of visual information. It gives us different points of view, several ways of interpretation, and some clues about the drama that encloses. If we divide the page in three columns and three tiers (rows) we’ll find out that the page conveys far more information than it seems to state. Let’s go first with the tiers, and then we’ll move to the columns. (Note: I have divided the page in equal columns and tiers, someone else would have left the tiers on the edges where characters appear, but I’ve decided to do it in equal parts, maintaining a traditional cut. You can, however, decide to divide this page in unequal tiers, where the first one is composed by Odin’s panel, the second by the scene in the center, and the third by Old Loki’s panel.)

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