Loki New Year: a long funny ride!

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2014 was a Loki year, but 2015 seems to be a Loki New Year. We should have written this piece at the beginning of January, but since we were overwhelmed, we had no time whatsoever to make it. But here we are, drunk with exhaustion and exhited for 2015!

2014 was the year in which we started this blog. Yay! Lots of dreams and emotions! It is also the year in which Tumblr decided that Tom would be the no.2 in shares during the year. But 2015 is the Tompocalypse, and we don’t expect it to stop till Ragnarok ends Asgard. In fact, not even with Ragnarok there will be an stop for the Tompocalypse that awaits us!

We’ve shared incredibly good moments through this blog and in our Facebook page. We’ve shared tons and tons of pictures, commented, laughed and also cried with emotion with all your encouragin mails. We’ll keep it up!

Enjoy the ride, because 2015 is just the beginning!