Loki Poetry: Piercing Eyes, by Marilyn Benton

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We have another Loki poetry piece: Piercing Eyes, by Marilyn Benton. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Your eyes, my Lord….your piercing eyes
Dividing asunder of my body and soul
I am revealed before you—your eyes pierced the sheltered
Hidden regions of my heart

Your gaze explodes my armor
Stripping me bare before you, my King
Blue eyes seeking my own
Splitting open the fortress of my asylum

My Lord, I can feel you probing my thoughts
You have breached the portal of my passion
You see the love, the wanting, the desire for you
You open wounds my King, that I have hidden in secret

Tormented sorrow—crushed dreams snatched away
Longing and desires dismissed
Your piercing eyes, probing eyes, embraces my wounded heart
My King, your sheltering arms envelop me, healing me

Your eyes, my Lord, those piercing blue eyes, infuse my very being
The sparkling blueness of a summer sky
You melt me with that gaze, my knees buckle, I am but a puddle of melted butter
Losing myself in your brilliant blue azure eyes

We mortals say that eyes are the windows to the soul
Your eyes, my Love, dissolves this mortal—caressing me
I have no power against your haunting gaze

I can no longer resist the words that flow from your lips
Seducing words fills me with longing
I am yours, my King, my lover
Take me as you desire, for I belong to you