Loki Poetry: Warm Honey, by Marilyn Benton

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Loki Poetry is a great way to express your feelings and your creativity! Today we present you “Warm Honey” by Marilyn Benton.

I tremble at the flawless, silky sound of your voice
My flesh ignites at your touch, my Lord
Fire rages through my blood–races through my being

I glimpse the darkness, the agony, the sorrow, the pain
My Lord, I see your struggle–the conflict
Find peace in my loving embrace, my King

Grant me access to the hidden wounds of your heart
Whispering soft words of comfort and love–I beg, my Lord
Allow me to help you heal

I cling to the words you utter; they caress my soul, my body
Your voice my Lord is as warm honey cascading over me-thorough me
Inducing a mounting heat, a thirst for you alone

I quiver at your voice, my king, I concede your dominion
When you speak, it is as dew on the spring flowers
Warm honey from the hive–truly melting my defenses

I do not fear you my King
Your scent quickens my heart, I inhale you into my being
Your seducing flood of warm honey awakens my desires

My Love, quell my yearning, my thirsty
Passion for your voice…for your sensuously warm
Honey’d voice, gently flowing–filing me

My heart flutters as a butterfly as you bring me to the edge of madness–my love–quench my desire, release me from my anguish!
My Lord, I am yours to do to as you wish

You flooding my senses until all I know –is YOU
filling me with fierce love–so not deny me!
My King–i concede your dominion