Winner of the 30K+ Likes Loki Party Give Away!

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Loki’s Army has reached 30,000+ likes in Facebook! Admin Titania and Admin Khaleesi have decided to make a Loki party with a cute give away! It’s the Loki Pary Give Away! And we have chosen a winner using!!

Our Winner is Rue Ryuzaki! You won:

1. From Admin Titania: a stitched portrait of Loki based on a picture by Art Studio Kimberly (with permission from Kimberly).
2. From Admin Khaleesi: two books from the Movies Thor and Thor the Dark World. One has pictures of Loki in it and the other one has 2 bookmarks!

What to do?

Please contact us as soon as possible. If we don’t get any communications by Monday 9, March 2015 (we’ll wait till Tuesday morning though), we’ll choose another winner. You can contact us to our email address or through Facebook 🙂

Thank you very much for taking part in this give away! We’ll do more in the future, when we have another middlestone achieved! Yay!

1. We choose our winners using
2. The winner must contact us before Monday 9, March 2015. If the person doesn’t contact us, we’ll choose another winner on Tuesday 10, March 2015.
3. Do not write your personal information on our wall in FB nor in Twitter to contact us. Please use our mail saymyname @ or use the mail system within Facebook. Thank you!