Loki does not like Cyberbullying!

loki's army, loki, loki of asgard, tom hiddleston, cyberbully, cyberbullying

Loki does not like Cyberbullying. We do not like Cyberbullying. Why are we talking about this now? Because fellow pages in Facebook are having problems right now with this topic. And it’s not fun at all.

We’ve been informed that someone has taken advantage of their position as Admin of Highschool DXD Xenovia. He kicked out the real Admin (the one who created the page), and now is using it to cyberbully the original owner of the Page. Simply put: they stole the page and now they are cyberbullying the ex-owner.

“The ‘new’ admins kicked out the creator, changed the page completely and begun posting stuff about him , including links to his profile . If it would be possible we would like you to share this post . we are the Dollars, a small organisation based on an anime(Durarara) to promote the idea “the world is not as bad as you think” and we this is should not be tolerated and an amazing page like you guys can help up spread awareness that this should happen!” (From The Dollars-Fully Operational).

So, the original Owner of Xenovia The Knight has been kicked out of the page, and now, some troll is just cyberbullying him in the worse way possible.

If you are an owner of a page, and are searching for Admins to help you posting in it, remember to give “new admins” the correct role. Let me explain. If you go to your Facebook page, then to Settings and then to Page roles you will find yourself as Admin (that’s the God of the page). Something like this:

loki's army, loki, loki of asgard, tom hiddleston, cyberbully, cyberbullying

As you can see, Loki’s Army has only one Admin, and many Editors. Though we all consider ourselves and act all of us as Admins, there is only one who can change Page Roles (that’s the Admin). The Admin is the only one who can kick out people from having any type of role. The rest are Editors. They can do everything except changing Page Roles. As Facebook explains:

loki's army, loki, loki of asgard, tom hiddleston, cyberbully, cyberbullying

So, we guess that the poor Admin/Owner of the page who has been stolen gave the status of Admin to the troll who is now cyberbullying him. So, if you want to avoid something like this, give to your Admin fellows in the page “Editor” Page Roles. They are Admins, but for Facebook they will be Editors, people who cannot erase the Owner from the Page map.

If you happen to have problems like this (someone kicks you out from your own page and decides to cyberbully you), you can contact The Dollars-Fully Operational, who will help you voice out your problem.

Please, stop bullying online and offline. If you need more info go to Stop Bullying.