The Avengers Tank Top Give Away Winner is~

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Army member Rue Ryuzaki has donated an awesome Avengers Tank Top for a Loki Give Away! And today is the day in which we’ll know who he winner is! Are you prepared?

Drums sound everywhere~!!

And the Winner is:
Gracey Criss

Please contact us before Tuesday 12, May 2015. If we don’t hear from you we’ll choose another winner.

Thank you!

1. We choose our winners using / The tank top will be sent to the winner by Rue Ryuzaki.
2. The winner must contact us before Tuesday 12, May 2015. If the person doesn’t contact us, we’ll choose another winner on Tuesday 12, May 2015.
3. Do not write your personal information on our wall in FB nor in Twitter to contact us. Please use our mail saymyname @ or use the mail system within Facebook. Thank you!
4. Rue Ryuzaki will send the Avengers Tank Top directly to the winner.