#Hiddlesupport: Fans Support, Haters Destroy. Love campaign for @twhiddleston

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#Hiddlesupport is needed! For our beloved Tom Hiddleston! It seems that, for some obscure reason we cannot understand, some haters have decided to send hate messages to Tom in Twitter. Fans support, haters destroy. Cyberbullying is a very nasty business and it affects lots of people, and one of them is Tom Hiddleston. Shaming someone online, public or not, is not the way to get rid of your frustrations. Behind every Twitter account there is a human being. Calling names to someone using Twitter is not the way!

As fans, we feel that it’s our duty to send a message of love and support to Tom Hiddleston. So, if you are a member of Loki’s Army and/or a Hiddlestoner, please send Tom a message of love like these (remember to use the hashtags and @twhiddleston) and let’s erase together the hate messages he is getting at the moment!

@twhiddleston I love your work! Lots of Love! #hiddlesupport #IsupportTomHiddleston

@twhiddleston Don’t listen to the hate, fans love you Tom! #hiddlesupport #IsupportTomHiddleston

@twhiddleston Tons of love and good vibes! Don’t ever change! We love you! #hiddlesupport #IsupportTomHiddleston

The idea is to send messages of love through Twitter, tons of them! So that hate is left behind. Fans love and support, haters want to destroy everything. So, log in into your Twitter account and @twhiddleston write your love message and add #hiddlesupport #IsupportTomHiddleston

Loki’s Army asks you to send a message of love! Let’s say enough to bullies and haters!!!

loki's army, loki, loki of asgard, tom hiddleston, cyberbully, cyberbullying

Yes! Stop Cyberbullying! Stop shaming on Twitter! Stop the hate & begin a campaign of love! We love Tom, we love Loki.

Public shaming is a serious business. It makes you feel bad, and many people who have been targeted with hate online have decided to stop having social media accounts, and many have ended up with depression. Loki’s Army Admins know what it is to be called names, to be bullied online, and to have a hard time. But this is nothing compared to the amount of hate that Tom is getting. Being a celebrity makes you and easy target for spontaneous hate. But, hate does not solve the problem. Hate only increases it! Feeling frustrated, alone and angry does not give license to become a hater.

So, which is the way to stop hate? The spread of love! So, let’s spread the love everywhere!!!!

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