Our hearts are with Belinda Couch‎ and her little Brother


Our hearts are with Belinda Couch and her little Brother who has just passed away. We’ve seen the evolution of her drawing, and only recently we’ve discovered why she painted it. We’ve been touched with Belinda’s story and kindness towards the Army, as well as sad in discovering that her little Brother left us.

She has left the following words in our wall in our FB page. It’s touching, emotional, and above all, a great piece of love. We love you Belinda! Lots of love your way for you and your wonderful family!

“Way back in November I began this painting from sketches I hashed out on parchment board.
The Loki of Jotunheim painting was my anchor and therapy as my baby brother Tony braved treatment for one of the most aggressive cancers his doctors had ever witnessed.
I gave a shout out to my brothers and sisters of Loki’s Army and begged for prayers, and without question, you gave them most willingly and generously.
I watched the painting change over the course of 7 months, from the first sketch to the last coat of sealing varnish.

I watched my baby brother change too, as the cancer progressed, mutating and striving to conquer, decimating him day by day.
And day by day each brush stroke, each splash of color was a roller coaster of emotion as I prayed for a cure, cried over watching him be so sick and lose all his hair and get thinner. With the adding of details in Loki’s facial expression and armor I said to myself, do not lose hope. Do not lose faith. Do not stop painting. This is your fight, just as your brother fights.
I told myself, finish the painting. Finish it, and don’t give up until it looks exactly like Loki. Finish it, and by the time you do, they will have cured your brother. You can blacken the edges of the framing and engrave your signature in the wood on the back when Tony is cancer-free. It will be your crowning celebration for his victory over a battle well-fought.

The sealing varnish is dry. The edges of the outer frame are painted black to match the background. The solemn facial expression and likeness is definitely Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. He is finally finished.

Yesterday, just at the first light of dawn, the cancer took my baby brother. His wife lost an amazing husband. His two little boys, ages 4 and 6, lost their father. My parents lost a son. My siblings and I lost a beloved baby brother who gave us love and laughter, and helped shape our lives.

The battle is over. The painting is finished. I burned my signature and stamp into the back of the wood frame this morning. Everything has come full circle.
And at first I thought, what was it all for? It all came to nothing. All that passion, energy, time and creation—it was for nothing. You still lost him in the end.
But then it hit me.
Nothing? No, not nothing.
Loki of Jotunheim isn’t just a symbol of my love for Tony.
It’s a symbol of my love for ALL OF YOU.
Yes, I lost my brother. But I gained an ARMY.
Brothers and sisters, you have prayed for me and my family. You have sent me encouragement and cheered me on while I struggled through this painting and struggled with the emotional turmoil that was my brother’s battle with cancer. You stayed with me the whole way, and I felt all the love that we share: love of art. Love of an actor. Love of our favorite Marvel villain in black and green.
We have shared love from all across the world.
It wasn’t just Tom Hiddleston who inspired me to create the most difficult work of art I have ever painted.
It was all of you.
And today, amidst my sorrow, I feel gratitude. Because I am surrounded by the most excellent people on earth.
And I am so honored.
It is a dream that one day I can give this painting to Tom Hiddleston so that he can see the love he kindles in so many people.
But more than this, I want to give all of you MY love. You are my comrades. You are strength. You are without doubt an amazing force in this universe.
But then you would have to be.
You are Loki’s Army.

Belinda Bo Couch
Blueridge Bohemian Art”

Find her post here.