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Hiddleswords that hurt: Hiddlesluts and Cumberbitches

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So, this will be my first writing for a blog EVER. Yay!
For this I chose a topic that really kind of bothers me: the names some parts of the fanbase of these extraordinary British actors give themselves.There are numerous names on the internet: hiddlesheads (I use this myself), hiddlesgoddesses, hiddlesprincesses and so on. They are funny, cute, ironic and – in my opinion – quite suitable for Mr. Tom Hiddleston. And then, there are these other names: Hiddlesluts for Mr. Hiddleston’s fans and Cumberbitches for the fans of Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch.

Maybe the members of these groups are too young to understand the problem here or maybe I am too old fashioned to get the idea or the joke behind it. Why these fans did choose these names? Why should a woman call herself a “slut” or a “bitch”? For me it says: “Hey, I am cheap, I am easy to get. It’s okay to sexualize me.” I really don’t understand this message. In my opinion the names are just abusive against both the fans and the stars.

Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch present themselves decent, polite, sophisticated and – in one word – as modern gentlemen. Of course I know that this is a very well chosen image, nevertheless I want to believe that at least some parts of these images are true and these two men are gents in real life, too. Due to that fact (or wish) I cannot imagine that they are too fond of these names some of their fans gave themselves; no, I think the feel quite inconvenient about it. I mean, both really care about their fans and show lots of love and respect to them. How should they think about a group that calls itself “name+slut/bitch”? These fans reduce theirselves in so many ways…What do you think? Could somebody explain these names to me if I got them wrong? Or is just one more case of Titania’s “thinking too much about stuff”? Let me know 🙂

Love and hugs <3