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Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army Kindle Version for free this THORsday!

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Yay! Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army Kindle version is available for free this THORsday! I needed to celebrate Xmas before time, you know. It’s fashionable. Coffee shops get Cuppagates; decorations start popping up… so I had to do something Loki! What could I give as a present to an entire Army? A pic of Yours Trully kissing a frog? [Yuck] A book! So, after thinking for a while, I decided that Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army Kindle version will be available for free today, THORsday 12, 2015. So, if you don’t know Loki yet and want to discover more about him, or if you do and want to know just a little bit more, go ahead and download your copy of the book!

Don’t worry, the book is totally safe: you will only want to hug Loki after reading it. [Seriously]

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We have a book! Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army!

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Great news! We have a book! Admin Khaleesi has written Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army. Yes, it’s one of our Admins! She has spent the last two years writing this amazing book about Loki, Tom and… us!? Wait..what!? Us? Yes! We’re part of the book!! Not only there are great interviews about the book, it talks quite a lot about us! The first part of it is fully dedicated to our beloved Loki. The second part, to Tom and celebrity culture, and the third part… embrace yourselves! Loki’s Army as a whole! Hiddlestoners and Army Members explained.

You can find the digital copy of the book here. The paperback is coming soon! Awesome!