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Loki Poetry: Piercing Eyes, by Marilyn Benton

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We have another Loki poetry piece: Piercing Eyes, by Marilyn Benton. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Your eyes, my Lord….your piercing eyes
Dividing asunder of my body and soul
I am revealed before you—your eyes pierced the sheltered
Hidden regions of my heart

Your gaze explodes my armor
Stripping me bare before you, my King
Blue eyes seeking my own
Splitting open the fortress of my asylum

My Lord, I can feel you probing my thoughts
You have breached the portal of my passion
You see the love, the wanting, the desire for you
You open wounds my King, that I have hidden in secret

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Loki Poetry: Warm Honey, by Marilyn Benton

loki, loki of asgard, loki of jotunheim, loki laufeyson, loki's army,, tom hiddleston

Loki Poetry is a great way to express your feelings and your creativity! Today we present you “Warm Honey” by Marilyn Benton.

I tremble at the flawless, silky sound of your voice
My flesh ignites at your touch, my Lord
Fire rages through my blood–races through my being

I glimpse the darkness, the agony, the sorrow, the pain
My Lord, I see your struggle–the conflict
Find peace in my loving embrace, my King

Grant me access to the hidden wounds of your heart
Whispering soft words of comfort and love–I beg, my Lord
Allow me to help you heal

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Loki fanfiction: Of all possible realities

loki, loki of asgard, loki of jotunheim, loki laufeyson, loki's army,, tom hiddleston

Loki´s Quest is the continuation of my loki fanfiction Redemption and Love and the third and last part of my Serie “Of all possible realities”, it takes places 16 years after the final chapter. The final confrontation between Loki and Thanos is inminent as Thanos has something in his power Loki wouldn t doubt to risk his life for. New and old allies help him as it becomes clear he will pursue his gold even without their help. He has lost too much, he wants his life back.

Chapter 1: Loss

Loki´s heart was broken; his beautiful wife had died during the angels attack on Asgard. He had been away on Earth with the twins whom had just turned eighteen that year on a mission with the New Avengers team.

Diane had finally given them permission to join the Avengers´ missions as long as their father went along with them. Most of the original avengers had retired from action but they continued taking part of the team training their children who had become the new members. Steve and Natasha´s son Chris fought alongside of his father and had become very good friend of Eydl and Even. Clint´s daughter Helen was the new Hawkeye. Tony and Pepper´s son Antony Junior who was his father´s spitting image was bound into becoming the new Ironman much to Peppers dismay. Thor´s children Asmund, Ronald and Ingrid were still too young to join the team but they were eager to follow their cousin’s footsteps

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Loki motivational posters, thank you!

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And we have another Loki motivational poster mayhem today! Thank you for sending your lines and preferences so that we can share them with the rest of the Army! Loki makes such wonderful Loki motivational posters (and mischievous ones). So, yes, you can send your mischievous lines if you want too.

Remember: send us a message with your lines to saymyname @, or use FB (sending a message to our page).


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Loki fanfiction: “And then Thanos”

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‘ “I miscalculated; I should be dead but I ́m still here. I ́ve condemned myself to the void, to the non-existence. I should’ve plunged Gungir into my heart
instead, at least that way the pain would be gone by now. I ́m sorry. I was desperate. I miscalculated.”
Regrets turmoil in his mind as Loki kept falling, sometimes he wished he could find his way back to Asgard to his family and beg for their forgiveness, other has killed him in combat.
There was no way to keep track of time or distance in the void, the silence, the darkness, Loki has no way of knowing how long has he been falling, he felt becoming numb as time passed by, memories of happier days haunted him as much as the events preceding his fall. Nightmares assaulted him even when condemned himself to a far worst punishment Odin could ́ve though for him. And he started to think he deserved it.
He cried for his mother until his voice failed him, he knew it was futile no one would be able to hear or see him, but that didn ́t stop the ache in his heart.
-Heimdall, please. I ́m here please, please see me.- he whispered as he shed his last tears. He was too weak, he hadn ́t eaten or drank anything for what least three weeks. He started drifting in and out of consciousness as his strength abandoned him.
In one of those rare lucid moments he felt a presence reaching out for him, desperately he pulled all of what was left of his magic and cling to it, anywhere void was his last thought before he lost consciousness.
Sadly he miscalculated again. ‘

Written by Fireangel76.

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