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We have a book! Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army!

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Great news! We have a book! Admin Khaleesi has written Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army. Yes, it’s one of our Admins! She has spent the last two years writing this amazing book about Loki, Tom and… us!? Wait..what!? Us? Yes! We’re part of the book!! Not only there are great interviews about the book, it talks quite a lot about us! The first part of it is fully dedicated to our beloved Loki. The second part, to Tom and celebrity culture, and the third part… embrace yourselves! Loki’s Army as a whole! Hiddlestoners and Army Members explained.

You can find the digital copy of the book here. The paperback is coming soon! Awesome!

Loki New Year: a long funny ride!

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2014 was a Loki year, but 2015 seems to be a Loki New Year. We should have written this piece at the beginning of January, but since we were overwhelmed, we had no time whatsoever to make it. But here we are, drunk with exhaustion and exhited for 2015!

2014 was the year in which we started this blog. Yay! Lots of dreams and emotions! It is also the year in which Tumblr decided that Tom would be the no.2 in shares during the year. But 2015 is the Tompocalypse, and we don’t expect it to stop till Ragnarok ends Asgard. In fact, not even with Ragnarok there will be an stop for the Tompocalypse that awaits us!

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Tom Hiddleston is human, a reminder, loki's army, tom hiddleston, loki of asgard, loki of jotunheim, loki

Dear Army members,

We’ve been receiving a bunch of mails from you. Some are great, awesome ideas, and great fan art. However, some people has had weird ideas about Tom Hiddleston, his Twitter account, Facebook page and how he should be taking care about fans. Because some of the ideas we read were astonishingly mad, we’ve decided to write some lines regarding Tom.

Though it might seem obvious: Tom Hiddleston is human.

This is important. He is not a thing. He is a human who happens to be an actor, who happens to be famous, and who happens to have an Army of fans. To have an Army is cool. The Army can support him and cherish him. We can enjoy his public appearances, his movies, and all the characters he plays.

But, if we forget that he is a human being like us, we start treating him as a thing, and when this happens we think that we can force him to do things. He is like us, and as such, he has the same rights we have. Among those rights, he has the right of privacy and decision.

We stress that again: Tom Hiddleston has the right of privacy and of decision.

This means that he can follow whoever he wants in his social media accounts. We cannot force a person to follow or befriend people or to post whatever we want him to post in his social media accounts! Do you see the problem in here?

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Geek Couture Fashion Show: Loki Awesome Dress!!

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Photo: Kelly Schwarze

This is the first ever San Diego Comic-Con Geek Couture Fashion Show! It was held on July 24, and it had many awesome dresses. However, Loki’s dress is the one that has blown my mind away! (I want it!)

I really hope they create a prèt-a-porter version for us, because it looks just awesome. (I could stay all day long stating how wonderful the Loki dress is, and I would never finish!) The “helmet” is just too good to be true: two feathers make the helmet perfect.

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Open letter to Sienna Guillory. Darling, those manners., loki's army, loki of asgard, loki laufeyson, loki of jotunheim, tom, tom hiddleston, hiddleston, hiddlesteria, hiddlesmanners

Dear Sienna Guillory,

Darling, where are your manners? As a celebrity, a star, a public figure, you have to give example to young people. And slut-shaming fans is not precisely a way to give example. Is it, Darling?

Darling, I don’t know you personally. I am not your fan. I am not a teenager, but I’ve been one. And I remember my teenage years to be a hard time. Teenagers look up to stars for direction. Not only in terms of fashion, but also in terms of personality and manners. Darling, I must tell you: you’ve failed, not with us, but with your own fans. What guidance are you giving to them? Tell me, Darling, what type of guidance are you giving to your own teenage fans when your words appear in an article (Tom Hiddleston’s co-star Sienna Guillory forgets her manners and shames Tom’s teenage fans on Twitter) shaming people publicly?

Darling, why have you lost your manners? Why have you been rude with young girls? Why are you being rude with the rest of Loki’s Army (Tom’s fans)? Why would you slut-shame part of a fellow artist fandom? Can you answer why?

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Marvel debuts Thor as a woman in October

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Great amazing news! Marvel has decided that Thor will be a woman from October. This is great news since Thor will become the 8th female title on the shelves. Thor is not the “She-Thor,” not “Thorita”. She is simply THOR, and she is worthy of the mighty hammer. Till now the only one worthy of holding the Mjölnir was a male, as described in traditional comics. This is about to change.

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