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Contribute in Loki’s Army

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Do you want to contribute? Would you like to share your art with us? Your Costume? Your handmade items? Your theories about Loki?


Feel free to contact us at saymyname @ and propose your contribution 🙂


♬ Submissions must be sent by email.
♬ Submissions must be in .pages, .doc, or .docx file formats.
♬ Pictures must be sent separately, meaning: not embedded into the document.
♬ You must indicate if it’s your art, photograph, or somebody else’s. You must indicate the original source of the media.
♬ Hyperlinks should be indicated in brackets within the text with the words they must be associated to. Ex: [Loki’s Army,]
♬ All submissions must be about Loki or Loki’s Army (the fandom.)
♬ Remember to include hyperlinks to your blog, page, Twitter, Facebook page, etc.
♬ Check your spelling & grammar: we will not edit what you write.
♬ Send your submissions in English.

Know more about all contributions here.

#voteloki for the MTV Awards…. now!

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This is a wakeup call for all the members of Loki’s Army. Please use #voteloki in Twitter and vote for Loki to win the MTV Awards (favorite character). He does need a boost! If you don’t have a Twitter account, please share this post everywhere. Share the #voteloki, share the voice!!!


Which fandom do you belong to? Ahahaha, yup, you got it!

So, which fandom do you belong to? Well, according to this quiz, to the Marvel Universe, and all thanks to Loki XD I must admit the quiz was difficult.

But why?

Because (read this “because” with a deep broken voice please), I love so many movies, books and geeky TV shows that it was challenging! (Very… challenging!) LOTR, the Hobbit, Breaking Bad (not in the quiz btw, what were you guys thinking!), Battlestar Galactica (Frak! Where’s Caprica 6??), Star Trek (obviously!!! Okay, I also like a little bit Darth Vader but that doesn’t make me a huge fan of Star Wars, sorry but Mr. Spock wins), and etc etc etc etc.

Despite the quiz being difficult, there were some answers which were obviously for me to answer, and all because of Loki, my AURYN :p

(Click on the image to find the quiz)

marvel quiz

Contact the Army!

Great news! You can contact Loki’s Army!

For general and down-to-earth enquiries, sending fan art, sending pics of your goodies and etc, please use saymyname @

We’ve got also a hot line. Hot stuff, or “emergencies” please send your mails to mewlingquim @

Wonderful fan art artwork by Angela Taratuta.

Free Loki, sign the petition.

If you already don’t know it, there is a petition to Free Loki. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some more movies with our favorite character? Well, our best villain in history (in Movies x Marvel) could achieve it if you sign 🙂 (Let’s say we need to convince some folks up there to spend some $$$ to create an awesome movie, and have Tom Hiddleston play Loki again, which is the whole point of it, isn’t it?)

Click on the image and Hail Loki!

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Hi there!

Hi there! (again) After some discussion, messing around, and literally cutting some Loki’s pics to create some cute jewellery, we’ve decided to create this blog too. I know. I know. But I do believe it’s been due to a combination of stress, high amounts of coffee and a deep geekiness that goes up and down in our veins. Whatever the case… Hi again!

So, (again), we are sharing the video of the Comicon. Short, but effective. Have fun!

ps: shhh… we’re here… uhum… but we are here too… uhum.