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Geeks, Nerds, Aspies & HFAs.

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Artwork by Hele-PJ

We are getting more and more mails and having cool conversations with members of the Army. We have noticed that the numbers of Geeks and Nerds in the Army is high. And, we’ve discovered that we have Aspies and HFAs in it as well! Some Geek & Nerd members however, have discovered that they have an “systematic brain” (due to long conversations with us).

Let’s explore some of the Army Members’ brains together!

Are you a proud Geek or a proud Nerd?? Do you know what Aspergers or HFA is? Both Aspergers and HFA belong to the autism spectrum. Humans have thought, till now, that everyone had the same type of looks towards the world. Now we know, that different brain wiring leads to two different types of brains: the neurotypical and the autistic.

Most part of society has a neurotypical brain. Neurotypicals have an “empathic brain”. It means that they will get emotional, and empathize with other people easily. The autistic brain however is defined as a “systematic brain”. It means that they will look like “emotionless” or “detached” when socializing. (They do resemble Vulcans, or Mr. Data in Star Trek). That they look like “feeling-less” or “aloof” does not mean that they do not have feelings! They show them in a different way, or are more reserved than a neurotypical might be. Take a look to this picture: Continue reading