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Tom Hiddleston reading, the Love Book app: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18

Have you downloaded The Love Book App yet? Here you have an appetizer. You can hear and see Tom Hiddleston reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet #18. It is really a pleasure for the ears! I love poetry myself, but when Tom reads it, it even sounds more beautiful! So, take a look, close your eyes if you need too, and ponder if you need the app or not. (I bet you’ll want it madly!)

Remember Tom Hiddleston The Love Book App incredible sound!

The Gospel of Loki read by Tom Hiddleston Soundalike

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The Gospel of Loki, by Joanne M Harris, read by Tom Hiddleston Soundalike. This is the foreword of the book read by an amateur voice actor whose voice resembles incredibly that of Tom’s Hiddleston.

It is very difficult to read something long maintaining all the composture and interpretation as well. But it is a delight to hear it. Besides, he is reading a very good book which we recommend. It is a really good book (and funny), told in first person. Yup, it is Loki who is explaining what “really happened.”

You can listen to more readings by Tom Hiddleston Soundalike here. (There are some dirty whispers).