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Loki Lumos

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Yay! We have a new section!! Cosplay! And to begin with it we have the awesome Loki Lumos!

Khaleesi: Where are you from?

Loki Lumos: I am from Austria, my beautiful home in Europe. I have also lived in Texas and in Germany for a while when I was younger.

K: Why did you start Cosplaying as Loki?

LL: I fell in love with Loki’s character, not only because his actor is handsome and Loki has amazing powers. I am very interested in human psychology and Loki is simply fascinating to someone like me. I love his deep character, to figure out why he acts the way he acts and what and how he thinks. Analyzing someone’s character (at least as much as it is possible with the amount of information about him/her you have got) is important for being able to portray your character well.

K: Do you role play with other cosplayers? If so, what has been the prefered scene? (from the film or invented)

LL: No, not yet. When I cosplay Loki, I try to be InCharacter anyway. But yes, one day I would like to role play a scene, prefered the kneeling scene in Stuttgart.

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