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Tom Hiddleston reading, the Love Book app: Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18

Have you downloaded The Love Book App yet? Here you have an appetizer. You can hear and see Tom Hiddleston reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet #18. It is really a pleasure for the ears! I love poetry myself, but when Tom reads it, it even sounds more beautiful! So, take a look, close your eyes if you need too, and ponder if you need the app or not. (I bet you’ll want it madly!)

Remember Tom Hiddleston The Love Book App incredible sound!

Interview with the Awesome Clear Crystal Loki Cosplay

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Khaleesi: Where are you from?

Clear Crystal Cosplay: I’m from Germany.

K: Why did you start cosplaying as Loki?

CCC: We all watched Thor and The Avengers and it was cool and funny but back then I wasn’t much of a Loki fan. I liked him, but I wasn’t that interested in him.

Then, one evening my girlfriend and I stayed at a friend’s house and we watched Thor: The Dark World in the worst quality ever and somehow that night I really really started to like MCU Loki.

In our last years of cosplay we were more into fantasy stuff and LARP. I had absolutely no idea how to make armor and my girlfriend tried to avoid sewing as much as possible.

But that day we thought that we should give it a try.

We had half a year until AnimagiC in Bonn (a convention we visit every year) and we worked really hard to make the whole costume as close to the original movie costume as we possibly could. And that’s the result and I’m really proud of my girlfriend and thankfulthat she helped me with this.

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Geek Couture Fashion Show: Loki Awesome Dress!!

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Photo: Kelly Schwarze

This is the first ever San Diego Comic-Con Geek Couture Fashion Show! It was held on July 24, and it had many awesome dresses. However, Loki’s dress is the one that has blown my mind away! (I want it!)

I really hope they create a prรจt-a-porter version for us, because it looks just awesome. (I could stay all day long stating how wonderful the Loki dress is, and I would never finish!) The “helmet” is just too good to be true: two feathers make the helmet perfect.

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