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Loki Tom Hiddleston Original Watercolour Painting Portrait Loki’s Army

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Loki Tom Hiddleston Original Watercolour Painting Portrait Loki’s Army is here! Art Studio Kimberly contacted us to choose a picture about Loki so that she could create a gorgeous portrait and then create an auction for a great cause! The masterpiece ended up being a Loki’s Selfie!!! And it is gorgeous! His eyeeees!! Take a look at his eyes!! He does seem to stare at you wherever you move! Bid for this original Loki’s Selfie and help a Dogs Trust Charity in London!

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The Loki Art of Belinda Bo Couch, Blueridge Bohemian Art

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Today we have the impressive Loki art of Belinda Bo Couch, Blueridge Bohemian Art. She creates astonishing Loki canvas images. Let’s discover her!

Khaleesi: Where are you from?

Belinda Bo Couch: I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains in north Georgia, United States. I grew up in Atlanta, but left there some 15 years ago to be near the woods and hiking trails. It’s where the trees are.

K: How did you meet Loki?

BBC: Man, I wish I could!! He would be a beer buddy for the history books! I first saw him in Thor, but was knocked clear off my ass by his performance in The Avengers. His whole attitude and personality had evolved and just become incredible. I had seldom seen such stunning acting. And his battle costume just made me want to PAINT!!!

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Our hearts are with Belinda Couch‎ and her little Brother


Our hearts are with Belinda Couch and her little Brother who has just passed away. We’ve seen the evolution of her drawing, and only recently we’ve discovered why she painted it. We’ve been touched with Belinda’s story and kindness towards the Army, as well as sad in discovering that her little Brother left us.

She has left the following words in our wall in our FB page. It’s touching, emotional, and above all, a great piece of love. We love you Belinda! Lots of love your way for you and your wonderful family!

“Way back in November I began this painting from sketches I hashed out on parchment board.
The Loki of Jotunheim painting was my anchor and therapy as my baby brother Tony braved treatment for one of the most aggressive cancers his doctors had ever witnessed.
I gave a shout out to my brothers and sisters of Loki’s Army and begged for prayers, and without question, you gave them most willingly and generously.
I watched the painting change over the course of 7 months, from the first sketch to the last coat of sealing varnish.

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Interview with Loki fan art creator XxTheSmittenKittenxX

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Khaleesi: Where are you from?

XxTheSmittenKittenxX: I was born in Florida but I moved around quite a bit since my Father was in the Navy. I now live in Maryland.

K: How did you meet Loki?

X: I was introduced to him through the Avengers movie. Afterwards, I came across kid Loki from Journey into Mystery and discovered other marvel comic versions of Loki. I now prefer the several comic versions of Loki over MCU Loki.

K: Why did you start to create fan art?

X: I’ve always been drawing fan art but why I draw fan art of Loki is because it’s fun, it gives me an outlet to better my artistic skills and it gives me a chance to express myself.

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