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How does it feel to be an Admin of Loki’s Army?

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We’ve recently been asked, with different wording, how does it feel, or how is the job of an Admin of Loki’s Army. Well, I won’t say it’s difficult xD But I will honestly say that it is “hot.” (I have no idea how to explain it really, so I decided to explain it graphically: please take a look to the pic above). Clear… isn’t it?

Well, what we do:

  1. Surf the web to find awesome pics of Tomki, including memes.
  2. We also look for fan art, and theories.
  3. We include comics! (Note: geek girls as Admins).
  4. Try to stay calm while collecting the pics… (obviosly, an impossible endeavour).
  5. Go to Loki’s Army page and post the pics…

At some point our faces look like that. I mean… let’s face it… when you search for hundreds of pics that you will later on post on the fan page in Facebook, there is no other face pose you can really make. And, well, since you are just posting and posting, you are just moving the mouse with the rythm of your heart… so… ^^;

Army: How does it feel to be an Admin of Loki’s Army??

Khaleesi: HOT.

A: How is your work as an Admin of Loki’s Army??

K: Where did I put the ice…?

loki, loki's army, lokisarmy.org, excited, tomki, loki of asgard, loki of jotunheim, loki laufeyson, extreme fangirling