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Loki gets a present

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Yay! Today Funko Loki got a present from Mr.Spock! A nice Star Trek command pendant! Because he is the King of Kings, and the God of Mischief he gets the command pendant!! xDDDDD He got the nice “silver” color one.

Sorry Loki, this is not a weapon, but a really cute pendant to use when you go out. The Logical present to do from Mr.Spock. Besides, with your smile, who needs weapons, dear Loki?

Note: You can find the pendant here. It is not heavy nor light. So, it is perfect (if it were heavy… it would be a pain for the neck, and if it were too light, it would be like a phantom to wear).
There is another option: in yellow. Think about your wardrobe. If you like colors, that one is yours! If you’d like to combine it with everything, I would go for the silver color one.

In love with Svaðilfari

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As Norse Mythology tells us, one day, Loki had an affair with Svaðilfari, and so they had a nice baby, the eight-legged horse Sleipnir. (Well, it was actually Loki who gave birth to Sleipnir, and the real myth isn’t as romantic.) Sleipnir happened to be the best of all horses. What’s more, he was Odin’s gorgeous horse.

If you want more information about this affair, and all the ins and outs about eight-legged horse birthing, please read the Prose Edda, and/or fetch a Norse Mythology book 🙂

Loki meets Khaleesi

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Yay! Loki meets Khaleesi! Okay, okay: this is awkward (I give you that). It has comed to the point of choosing a “nickname” for the Facebook page that we have. And… well… I had the Funko Khaleesi staring at me, so here we go. The most logical thing to do (as Spock would have said), would have been to choose a name from the zillions that appear in the Nordic Myths. I know. Well, Funko power won. And, besides. She has a dragon (the Funko).

Soon more about Loki & Khaleesi!

Pictures in this post taken by lokisarmy.org