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Options to get Tom Hiddleston fan mail answer: the stamps of doom

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Many Army members want to send mail to Tom Hiddleston. However, those who are living abroad are finding it difficult, or impossible to find stamps to be able to include in their fan mail. The agency in charge of fan mail requires you to add some stamps to get Tom Hiddleston fan mail answers. Which is a normal thing to ask regarding the tons of mail that they might be getting. So, they ask the following:

  1. For all fanmail, autographs and charitable requests, please mark the envelope “FAN MAIL”. Please address your letter for the attention of the actor in question and it will be forwarded on to his/her home address. Note that it is the client’s decision as to whether or not they respond.
  2. If you would like to request an autograph, please include a stamped addressed envelope using UK postage only.
  3. Please do not send currency.

There might be a way to get those stamps online through Royal Mail (UK). HOWEVER, we haven’t tried it yet, so we don’t know how well it works. Anyway here is the possibility of it explained.

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