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Awesome LOKI FUNKO POP Give Away

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Cool news!!! Luki Blue (Tiffany Cheung) has donated a cute Loki FUNKO as an awesome give away for Loki’s Army 🙂 To win it please:

  1. Like Loki’s Army Facebook Page
  2. Like Luki Blue Facebook Page
  3. Share this post
  4. And comment something in Loki’s Army post!

The last day to like, share and comment is August, Wednesday 27, 2014. The winner will be announced on THORsday 28, 2014. Note that we choose our winners using random.org.

Good luck!!

Note: Tiffany will send the cool Loki FUNKO POP directly to the winner.

Find Tiffany’s Cosplay page here.
Find her interview in this blog here.

Awesome Helmet give away!

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Dearest all! We have a new give away to celebrate your comments, shares, and fan pics in Loki’s Army in Facebook 🙂 We are going to give away a gorgeous Loki Helmet Pendant for the fan who comments, shares our pictures/awards (and so on), shares and posts in our page the most!!!

You can start right now 😉 We will decide the winner on THORsday 1 May 2014. So, start…

  • Liking our posts.
  • Commenting the pics you like the most.
  • Sharing the pics you like the most.
  • Posting in our page pics, your drawings, or any messages you want to share.
  • Sharing your poetry.
  • Sharing your pics as Cosplayer (Loki, Loki, Loki, Loki!!!!)

Good luck everyone!

Note: You can see your points & ranking here.

Very important: No spamming please. If someone spams with things not related to Loki, or unpleasant, we will consider the points without value.