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Loki Fanfiction No Good Deed Goes Unpunished reaches Chapter 41

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Loki Fanfiction: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. I never though this story would go on that long, but I just uploaded chapter 41 tonight and I´m still a couple of chapters from the end.

This is just a small extract of Chapter 41: Reckoning

“As the dust settled they could see Doom on bended knee, he looked defeated, but appearances are often misleading. As he raised his head you could see his eyes inflated with rage, suddenly he spitefully yelled at Thor and Loki. —If I can´t have her no one will! — Next he shoot an energy beam form one of the weapons in his suit, out of reflex both Thor and Loki moved to avoid it only to realize the ray wasn´t intended for either of them.

Loki´s eyes widened in horror as he noticed Leah standing in front of the penthouse windows, the ray was meant for her.

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