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Our hearts are with Belinda Couch‎ and her little Brother


Our hearts are with Belinda Couch and her little Brother who has just passed away. We’ve seen the evolution of her drawing, and only recently we’ve discovered why she painted it. We’ve been touched with Belinda’s story and kindness towards the Army, as well as sad in discovering that her little Brother left us.

She has left the following words in our wall in our FB page. It’s touching, emotional, and above all, a great piece of love. We love you Belinda! Lots of love your way for you and your wonderful family!

“Way back in November I began this painting from sketches I hashed out on parchment board.
The Loki of Jotunheim painting was my anchor and therapy as my baby brother Tony braved treatment for one of the most aggressive cancers his doctors had ever witnessed.
I gave a shout out to my brothers and sisters of Loki’s Army and begged for prayers, and without question, you gave them most willingly and generously.
I watched the painting change over the course of 7 months, from the first sketch to the last coat of sealing varnish.

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