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Loki’s Army Mischievous Awards News

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Our Award is being made. As you know we ordered a rectangle made of transparent methacrylate, and the inscription is black. It is awesome! The inscription will be printed soon. However, they had to order the transparent methacrylate (it seems that we’ve ordered something somewhat “special”). So, we’ll have it done by May 9 (Friday), 2014. Which means, we’ll be sending the Award to Mr. Hiddleston’s representatives on May 12 (Monday), 2014, if everything goes to plan.

I can’t really wait to see it!!!!

Contact the Army!

Great news! You can contact Loki’s Army!

For general and down-to-earth enquiries, sending fan art, sending pics of your goodies and etc, please use saymyname @ lokisarmy.org

We’ve got also a hot line. Hot stuff, or “emergencies” please send your mails to mewlingquim @ lokisarmy.org

Wonderful fan art artwork by Angela Taratuta.