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Loki is bisexual, pansexual, polyamorous… or just plain lokisexual?

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Recently we’ve had a little bit of a mess in our FB page regarding Loki’s sexuality. Some say that Loki is straight. Others state that Loki is bisexual. Others that he is pansexual, and many that he is polyamorous. Before starting to promote a label (or a set of them) more than another, let’s take a look to the definitions:

  • Bisexual: according to Wikipedia, “bisexuality is a romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior toward both males and females.” It means that the bisexual person will feel romantic, sexual or romantic and sexual attraction to both genders.
  • Pansexual: according to the Wiki, “pansexuality, or omnisexuality, is sexual attraction, sexual desire, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward people of any sex or gender identity.” The difference with bisexual would reside in the fact that pansexuals really do not care about your gender, they will get attracted also to transgenders, for example.
  • Polyamorous: again, according to the Wiki, “polyamory (…) is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. It is distinct from swinging (which emphasizes sex with others as merely recreational) and may or may not include polysexuality (attraction towards multiple genders and/or sexes).”

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Does Odin really love Loki of Asgard? Or is there something more going on there?

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This is tough question: is Loki of Asgard really being loved by his adoptive father Odin? Or is Odin loving him in a very particular way? Is Odin following a cultural set of rules that their children might be challenging somehow? We’ll discover it thanks to a masterpiece. In Original Sin: Thor & Loki #5 we can find a page that speaks volumes about the relationship of father and sons, and a clash of generations and cultural values that are changing, specially related to gender.

It is a compelling page, which has lots of visual information. It gives us different points of view, several ways of interpretation, and some clues about the drama that encloses. If we divide the page in three columns and three tiers (rows) we’ll find out that the page conveys far more information than it seems to state. Let’s go first with the tiers, and then we’ll move to the columns. (Note: I have divided the page in equal columns and tiers, someone else would have left the tiers on the edges where characters appear, but I’ve decided to do it in equal parts, maintaining a traditional cut. You can, however, decide to divide this page in unequal tiers, where the first one is composed by Odin’s panel, the second by the scene in the center, and the third by Old Loki’s panel.)

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Hiddleswords that hurt: Hiddlesluts and Cumberbitches

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So, this will be my first writing for a blog EVER. Yay!
For this I chose a topic that really kind of bothers me: the names some parts of the fanbase of these extraordinary British actors give themselves.There are numerous names on the internet: hiddlesheads (I use this myself), hiddlesgoddesses, hiddlesprincesses and so on. They are funny, cute, ironic and – in my opinion – quite suitable for Mr. Tom Hiddleston. And then, there are these other names: Hiddlesluts for Mr. Hiddleston’s fans and Cumberbitches for the fans of Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch.

Maybe the members of these groups are too young to understand the problem here or maybe I am too old fashioned to get the idea or the joke behind it. Why these fans did choose these names? Why should a woman call herself a “slut” or a “bitch”? For me it says: “Hey, I am cheap, I am easy to get. It’s okay to sexualize me.” I really don’t understand this message. In my opinion the names are just abusive against both the fans and the stars.

Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch present themselves decent, polite, sophisticated and – in one word – as modern gentlemen. Of course I know that this is a very well chosen image, nevertheless I want to believe that at least some parts of these images are true and these two men are gents in real life, too. Due to that fact (or wish) I cannot imagine that they are too fond of these names some of their fans gave themselves; no, I think the feel quite inconvenient about it. I mean, both really care about their fans and show lots of love and respect to them. How should they think about a group that calls itself “name+slut/bitch”? These fans reduce theirselves in so many ways…What do you think? Could somebody explain these names to me if I got them wrong? Or is just one more case of Titania’s “thinking too much about stuff”? Let me know 🙂

Love and hugs <3

Tom Hiddleston is human, a reminder

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Dear Army members,

We’ve been receiving a bunch of mails from you. Some are great, awesome ideas, and great fan art. However, some people has had weird ideas about Tom Hiddleston, his Twitter account, Facebook page and how he should be taking care about fans. Because some of the ideas we read were astonishingly mad, we’ve decided to write some lines regarding Tom.

Though it might seem obvious: Tom Hiddleston is human.

This is important. He is not a thing. He is a human who happens to be an actor, who happens to be famous, and who happens to have an Army of fans. To have an Army is cool. The Army can support him and cherish him. We can enjoy his public appearances, his movies, and all the characters he plays.

But, if we forget that he is a human being like us, we start treating him as a thing, and when this happens we think that we can force him to do things. He is like us, and as such, he has the same rights we have. Among those rights, he has the right of privacy and decision.

We stress that again: Tom Hiddleston has the right of privacy and of decision.

This means that he can follow whoever he wants in his social media accounts. We cannot force a person to follow or befriend people or to post whatever we want him to post in his social media accounts! Do you see the problem in here?

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Review of “Loki, Brother of Thor,” the Loki movie

A funny review about “Loki, Brother of Thor.” I must admit that the movie is a must-see for any Loki fan. It is a mammoth undertaking that has trilled thousands of Lokinions!

Fans are begging, crawling, doing anything to see a real Loki Movie. When will Marvel realize that Loki’s fanbase needs a Loki solo movie?

If you still have some doubts about the fan-made Loki movie, here you have the review. If you haven’t seen the movies yet, please watch them before watching this one.

How does it feel to be an Admin of Loki’s Army?

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We’ve recently been asked, with different wording, how does it feel, or how is the job of an Admin of Loki’s Army. Well, I won’t say it’s difficult xD But I will honestly say that it is “hot.” (I have no idea how to explain it really, so I decided to explain it graphically: please take a look to the pic above). Clear… isn’t it?

Well, what we do:

  1. Surf the web to find awesome pics of Tomki, including memes.
  2. We also look for fan art, and theories.
  3. We include comics! (Note: geek girls as Admins).
  4. Try to stay calm while collecting the pics… (obviosly, an impossible endeavour).
  5. Go to Loki’s Army page and post the pics…

At some point our faces look like that. I mean… let’s face it… when you search for hundreds of pics that you will later on post on the fan page in Facebook, there is no other face pose you can really make. And, well, since you are just posting and posting, you are just moving the mouse with the rythm of your heart… so… ^^;

Army: How does it feel to be an Admin of Loki’s Army??

Khaleesi: HOT.

A: How is your work as an Admin of Loki’s Army??

K: Where did I put the ice…?

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Dear Stan Lee, by Elena Pugh

Stan Lee & Tom Hiddleston, source: WhoSay.

Dear Stan Lee,

My name is Elena Pugh and I’m a big fan of your work and your amusing participation in the Marvel cinematic universe cameos. I’m jus a 16 year old girl who is weirdly into the entire universe of marvel and just that geek-nerd culture entirely and I felt the need that I really needed to thank you for your great work and tell you something important and possibly help out due to the fact I can see there is alot of confusion about what to do for many of the cinematic Marvel films. On a side note: Great cameos in the movies hehe, they are very creative and amusing to find : with me that mostly includes shouting out, “Look its Stan Lee” in a cinema theatre as people either nod their heads or it completely fly it over their heads , non the less its always a cheer to see you take part .

Im from Uk, England and not living in London makes it very hard to follow the first realises and ComicCons , especially the great ones like the San Diego Comic Con which had been a dream for me to visit. But more to what I really wanted to tell you: After watching Guardians of The Galaxy in the cinema I feel like I should tell someone who is involved with the movies that it opened alot of hope to a moisture story to Loki’s redemption or a way to “wow” the fans over by showing the real deepness or the accidental deepness of the movies and I feel that alot of directors- producers and screen writers are missing it .

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Elena Pugh’s ~Loki’s Cinematic Universe Theory~

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Ladies and possibly gentlemen, fans of Loki ,over the past few years there was a point where many ( and they still do) never wanted to blame Loki for any of the events that happened during the Avengers but never had any real evidence to support it. Yes, a lot of fan fiction and a lot of mere speculations but never actual evidence that can be classed as that of sufficient proof. Dear fans after watching Guardians of the Galaxy I can confidently prove to many of you that Loki is innocent of the events that happened in New York due to the fact it shows us Thanos’ true wishes and presents us with all the infinity stones and shows us more about Thanos himself, his power and “the Other”.

This theory first begun when many fans noticed Tom Hiddleston’s eye color change between blue and green. In Thor we clearly see that Loki is portrayed with his eyes with more shades of green then shades of blue and after research on the actor its very clear that in his role of Loki we clearly see the greenness in the eyes due to the fact the actor himself is well chose for the role . At the events of the Avengers the first moment we see Loki in a close up we see that his eyes an almost a glowing blue , not green. Throughout the film we see that the blue in the actors eyes was brought out for a purpose, there was a reason they tried to make Tom’s face look more pale so that they could have an actor who’s eyes can turn more blue. Thought the film AFTER the events of Loki’s lose of the scepter we clearly see the color of his eyes reverted back into a shade of green.

Now either this was planed of either this was accidental its still cannon to the universe so therefore a valid fact. Now after watching Guardians of the Galaxy we discover more about Thanos and “The Other,” mainly known as the “blue guys who gave Loki that magic glow stick of destiny”. Now we find out that Thanos is yet another bad guy and as seeing him in this movie references back into the time Loki was given the scepter and what this movie unlocks is the fact that yet those movies are connected and yes Thanos WANTED the Tesseract meaning he NEEDED Loki in his command to obtain both tesseract and the ether.

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Open letter to Sienna Guillory. Darling, those manners.

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Dear Sienna Guillory,

Darling, where are your manners? As a celebrity, a star, a public figure, you have to give example to young people. And slut-shaming fans is not precisely a way to give example. Is it, Darling?

Darling, I don’t know you personally. I am not your fan. I am not a teenager, but I’ve been one. And I remember my teenage years to be a hard time. Teenagers look up to stars for direction. Not only in terms of fashion, but also in terms of personality and manners. Darling, I must tell you: you’ve failed, not with us, but with your own fans. What guidance are you giving to them? Tell me, Darling, what type of guidance are you giving to your own teenage fans when your words appear in an article (Tom Hiddleston’s co-star Sienna Guillory forgets her manners and shames Tom’s teenage fans on Twitter) shaming people publicly?

Darling, why have you lost your manners? Why have you been rude with young girls? Why are you being rude with the rest of Loki’s Army (Tom’s fans)? Why would you slut-shame part of a fellow artist fandom? Can you answer why?

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Stereotyping Loki’s female fans

Found in Pininterest.

Stereotypes can be a good way to portray a fictional character in a comic, but they can also be negative in the real life. While stereotyping is a widely used technique in comics and movies to quickly introduce a character so that the audience can quickly grasp his/her personality, reality is that stereotypes in real life can end up with negative effects on a certain community.

There is a hidden stereotype in the Loki Meme above. According to it, when a woman says that she likes the Avengers, she is actually stating that she likes the villain (that’s Loki, hence, Tom Hiddleston). But this is a negative stereotyped vision of fangirls who like Tom Hiddleston portraying Loki. It assumes that girls cannot like the Avengers as men do. It also assumes that Loki’s fangirls are only so because of the celebrity and not because of other reasons like Marvel movies, or the comics. This stereotype is misleading and clearly misogynistic.

Have you ever encountered this test?

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