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★★We want Tom happy★★

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We’ve been asked, through mail, if some of the rumors online about Tom being engaged are true. Well, we have **no idea**, so please stop thinking about Ragnarok xDDDDD Simply put: he deserves to be happy, have a private life, and continue to work as other people do. So, whether he is or not engaged, has or not a girlfriend, reality is that we’ll follow cherishing his work and keeping being his fans. We like the roles he plays (specially LOKI), the movies he is in, and well… isn’t that enough? We enjoy ourselves with his movies, with his interviews, and with all the pictures that are online. We create memes, fan fiction, fan art, and can dream of other worlds. Isn’t that cool? I mean, that’s awesome!

So, please: don’t ask us about if Tom is engaged or not, because we won’t be able to answer you. We are more focused on films and comics than the yellow press ^^; (Okay, and also memes, fanfic, fanart, cosplay 🙂 ). We will keep on being his fans with or without girlfriend, with or without wrinkles, with or without long dark hair… He is Loki, you know, and he can do what he wants <3

Loki is a Geek and Thor is a Jock

loki, loki's army, loki of asgard, loki laufeyson, loki of jotunheim, geek, nerd, jock

The other day in our Facebook Page, while commenting one picture, I realized about something very important: that folks in EU were not understanding me when I was stating that Loki represented a Geek and Thor a Jock. Simply put, I forgot that this is a cultural distinction that is found in US and Canada (and I simply acted as if every single soul in Midgard knows it). A member of the Army from UK pointed out that in EU there are only popular kids and not-so-popular kids (well, the shadows). And that Geeks are creatures that live in basements, are terribly pale and probably just program or are obsessed with technology.

Well, let’s take a look to “Thor the Dark World” Feature/issue 85, ScifiNow, page 39.

loki, loki's army, loki of asgard, loki laufeyson, loki of jotunheim, geek, nerd, jock

(click on image to enlarge)

Loki represents the Geek and Thor the Jock in the American culture. Loki is pale, has dark hair, is overlooked and has powers that derive from his intellectual superiority. Loki in the first movie is very much like this. Thor, on the other hand, is handsome, blonde, self-aggrandizing, and loved by everyone. Seen like this, Loki is the Geek and Thor is the high school quarterback in Asgard. (ScifiNow, issue 85, p. 39.)

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Why do you think Loki is so *hot*?

Why are so many women and men supporting (or in love) with Loki? What makes him so hot? In this video, we are presented with a very “simple” and “stereotyped” answer on why Loki is so hot. Reality however, is much more complicated than that. (If you are a woman, and have seen this video, odds are that you got enraged by some of the comments. We’ll get to it.)

Loki is a multifaceted character. Multifaceted characters are more prone to have a huge amount of fans and usually earn their privileged status thanks to their complexity. In this case we are in front of a very unusual and yet familiar character.

Loki is very intelligent and complex.

Multifaceted characters are more prone to have more fans than those who are too simple. Loki is a very complex character, with many layers, which echoes what a troubled soul would be. His complexity makes of him a good target for having lots of fans. People who like to discover new aspects of his personality, or fans who would like to know more about his psyche might also like other complex characters in other movies or comics.

He is also very intelligent, so he knows how to find his way out of things. Intelligence, in a world of technology, along with class, is a good point in getting lots of fans. Smart is sexy now.

Loki is the *Geek God of Mischief*

I added the word *geek* because he does represent the *geek* in front of the *jock* (a role played by Thor). In Thor, the first movie, we encounter a doomed Loki, a shadow struggling to get a place into Asgardian society. Asgardian society bases itself more on *strength* than on *intelligence*. We can see that Frigga, Loki’s mother, struggles too in this society. Women are more considered if they take “male roles,” as in the case of Sif. Frigga, expert in magic, has a secondary role. It is Odin who decides what it’s best. But it does seem that he does it more by feelings and brute force, than from logic or intelligence. He rules because he is king, whatever the costs. And this implies to decide, arbitrarily, what will happen on his subjects.

Loki has learnt magic. But magic seems to be *a thing for women*, not a thing for real warriors. He is not as athletic as other Asgardians are, thus he needs to rely on his brains more than his muscles. He is seen as *weak*, more like Frigga is and not as close to the King as he would like to be. Remember that he wants to please his father, the male example of the house, but he is doomed from the beginning. It is not only that he is an adopted child with no real rights to the throne, it is also that he does not fit in the family: he is the weirdo, he seems weak, and he is too smart. No one understands him!

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OHMY! Babysitting! Memes and objectivation of celebs.

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(Artwork by Darleine.)

And so we posted the *polemic pic* in our page in Facebook, and it happened: it started to get weird. Internet is such a weird place, really: you find all types of memes. And memes are a way to “consume democratized images”, that is: images of people who have been “objectivized”. In other words, images of people who have been transformed into a thing by the internet public.

The word meme comes from the Greek word “mimema” (μίμημα), which means “that which is imitated,” or just “to imitate”. This word originated from the hands of Richard Dawkins’ 1976 book The Selfish Gene. Meme was a word used to describe the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena in many areas.

We can think of a meme as a way that popular culture has to express itself. Memes carry cultural ideas, and are themselves, symbols that can be easily transmitted through the internet. Memes can contain writing, gestures, refer to rituals, or just imitations. Memes are elastic: they mutate, they change according to their public. In fact, memes are copied information, imitations, that we create. When we do so, we transform ourselves in “replicators,” “imitators,” or “replicants” (if you prefer Blade Runner).

In this light, the *polemic pic* is an example of popular culture, a meme. A famous German cosplayer called Fahrlight took a picture that was funny and awesome (very well done cosplay). It went viral on the web. Then, someone photoshoped Loki’s face on the body of the cosplayer. Some other people might even find adding some text to this second variation of the picture a *must*. (And you can go on like this forever.) The cosplayer “imitated” the real Loki, thus transmitting information, a selected information, which had varied (the image itself of a cosplayer, “a meme”). This information was then copied by others. It mutated on the way, and this copy was transmitted as well.

Pictures, once in the stream of the net, are potential targets to become “memes”. It does not only happen with screenshots from films, it also happens with any pic that is catalogued as “funny” by someone. You really don’t need to be famous to become a meme, nor be a cosplayer. What’s more: you don’t even need to be human to become a meme. Cats are purrfect for that. Plus, if an image is copied with variation and it’s selected, then you must have a designer appearing out of nowhere. You can’t stop it! (Susan Blackmore). Ta-da! The Internet Evolution is here! (Darwin applied to the memes!!)

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Today we have an awesome manga-ish piece by Enijoi. It’s awesome, and he looks like “suspicious”. As “suspicious” as my cat is right now, or as I feel today (with no good reason, I suppose). The last time I felt like this it was because people were keeping a secret around. It was not bad, it was a present, however I could sense it :p (Teeheeee difficult to hide!)

Suspicious is a state in which you have a facial expression like this artwork by Enijoi. Let’s face it: you keep on giving “the look” to people around you trying to figure out who was the one, or who is the one, who is trying to trick you. It might just be that I woke up in “Loki’s” mood… or it just might be the case that there’s something around, I am taking the vibes and I just need to wait to know more about it.

Oh my…