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#Hiddlesupport: Fans Support, Haters Destroy. Stop Cyberbullying.

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#Hiddlesupport! Stop Cyberbullying now! Yesterday we started a Love Campaign for Tom Hiddleston to support him. Some of you asked if we had examples since you couldn’t find anything on Twitter. Hate in Twitter doesn’t come in hashtags, but with replies and mentions. Meaning, that some profile can send you hate that you will only see when you take a look at your notifications. Most haters use the reply system so their accounts would look “neat” when you visit them on Twitter, but if you click onto Tweets&Replies you might find hideous surprises.

If you want to support Tom please follow the love tweet we proposed in our Love Campaign. Basically you have to tweet something like this:

@twhiddleston Tons of love and good vibes! Don’t ever change! We love you! #hiddlesupport #IsupportTomHiddleston

It’s easy. Write @twhiddleston + Suppor & Love message + #hiddlesupport #IsupportTomHiddleston

If you are against cyberbullying, as we are, you can also take some minutes and take a look at Stop Bullying and Stop Cyberbullying. Remember that you don’t need to be a kid to be target of hate online. If you are, please ask for help, put yourself in contact with these organization, or local organizations.

Please help end hate. Spread love online instead.

Down here you’ll find some of the hate messages Tom Hiddleston fins in his notifications in Twitter. If you choose to continue reading, be advised that these are hard to read.

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#Hiddlesupport: Fans Support, Haters Destroy. Love campaign for @twhiddleston

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#Hiddlesupport is needed! For our beloved Tom Hiddleston! It seems that, for some obscure reason we cannot understand, some haters have decided to send hate messages to Tom in Twitter. Fans support, haters destroy. Cyberbullying is a very nasty business and it affects lots of people, and one of them is Tom Hiddleston. Shaming someone online, public or not, is not the way to get rid of your frustrations. Behind every Twitter account there is a human being. Calling names to someone using Twitter is not the way!

As fans, we feel that it’s our duty to send a message of love and support to Tom Hiddleston. So, if you are a member of Loki’s Army and/or a Hiddlestoner, please send Tom a message of love like these (remember to use the hashtags and @twhiddleston) and let’s erase together the hate messages he is getting at the moment!

@twhiddleston I love your work! Lots of Love! #hiddlesupport #IsupportTomHiddleston

@twhiddleston Don’t listen to the hate, fans love you Tom! #hiddlesupport #IsupportTomHiddleston

@twhiddleston Tons of love and good vibes! Don’t ever change! We love you! #hiddlesupport #IsupportTomHiddleston

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(´。✪ω✪。`) LOKI XMAS STARTS…. NOW!!!! (´。✪ω✪。`)

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(´。✪ω✪。`) FIRST GIVE AWAY: LOKI XMAS STARTS….NOW!!! (´。✪ω✪。`) We have prepared for your a very LOKI XMAS!! And yes! We start in November! From now till December 24, we are going to give away lots of Loki presents for you! Check our blog and our FB page and have fun with us! (Our LOKI XMAS will last till December 24, 2014 and will have presents given by all the Admins + fellow artists pages). We hope you’ll like it!

We have a great LOKI PRINT from Art Studio Kimberly for you! <3 What to do? 1. Like us in Facebook + Like Kimberly’s page in Facebook too.
2. Tell us which is your favorite Loki quote :3
3. If you want, you can share this post and have more possibilities to win it (not compulsory)

When to do it?
From… right now! Till Friday 21, November 2014!!

When will be the winner announced?
On LOKIsday!!! Saturday 23, November 2014.

Good luck everyone!!!

1. We choose our winners using random.org
2. The winner must contact us before Monday 24, November 2014. If the person doesn’t contact us, we’ll choose another winner.

Loki motivational posters, thank you!

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And we have another Loki motivational poster mayhem today! Thank you for sending your lines and preferences so that we can share them with the rest of the Army! Loki makes such wonderful Loki motivational posters (and mischievous ones). So, yes, you can send your mischievous lines if you want too.

Remember: send us a message with your lines to saymyname @ lokisarmy.org, or use FB (sending a message to our page).


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Loki motivational poster x Tom motivational poster, Army members united!

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Hello everyone! I proposed to make some motivational posters so that we could feel better and enjoy nice pics with some motivational wishes in it. So, I proposed it and here we have the first motivational posters of the Army! I love the Loki motivational poster in chains (I must admit it!), but Tom’s are also sweet.

If you want to take part in the ride, please send us your motivational lines to saymyname@lokisarmy.org or visit our FB page and send us there your message. (Remember to say: motivational poster, Khallesi make me one; I’m in charge of those).


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Loki film Marvel is here!! “Loki: Brother of Thor”

Loki Odinson has created the LOKI FILM “Marvel”!!! Behold because you haven’t seen anything like this before! This is an extraordinary fan edit that is awesome! This is a must-watch for any Loki fan, member of the Army.

Loki Odinson states:

So I’m a big super hero fan and love the Marvel universe, especially the character ensemble connecting through multiple films. I created this fan edit just for fun, because I wanted to watch one movie with all of Loki’s scenes combined (Thor, Avengers, Thor 2).
My goal was to chronicle the character development of Loki into a single narrative. You’ll notice I took out a lot fluff and even some beloved fight scenes, only because I was trying to focus the film on Loki and his relationships. I also inserted all of the relevant deleted scenes (you’ll notice that they haven’t been fully rendered and mixed), several of which add great depth to his story and family dynamics. A big challenge was bridging the end of Thor and the beginning of The Avengers, explaining Loki’s exile and involvement with the Tesseract *before* he portals to earth. I created a montage to kinda show all that, even pulling a clip from Guardians of the Galaxy.
There are a few creative liberties I took with my edits that change intent/plot. Noticeably absent are Thor’s and Iron Man’s character arcs. My goal wasn’t to sully these films and their characters, but rather offer a different interpretation that celebrates Loki….so no offense intended.
The opening scene of my edit is a flash forward to a contemplative, imprisoned Loki, spliced with footage from Tom Hiddleston’s screen test when he auditioned for Thor’s character, aptly capturing Loki’s jealousy (the duality between them is really the meat of this film, hence the title Loki: Brother of Thor). Then there’s a bit of a scary awakening from the character that *probably* haunts Loki’s dreams.
Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy, you mewling quim.

So, if you have nothing so watch this weekend, let’s watch together: “Loki, Brother of Thor.” This is the best edit ever (I am telling you). If you want to enjoy 2 hours of pure Loki film, this is the change you’ve been waiting for. Nothing like this is online at the moment!!


We created an event in Facebook:


To show to Marvel that we do want a Loki Movie, this weekend we are going to watch, all of us (online, of course) Loki, Brother of Thor. We are going to post screenshots of the whereabouts we are in watching the movie on the event’s wall. Please join us and share your screenshots this weekend! Let’s make it happen! Let’s have a Loki Movie!!!

How does it feel to be an Admin of Loki’s Army?

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We’ve recently been asked, with different wording, how does it feel, or how is the job of an Admin of Loki’s Army. Well, I won’t say it’s difficult xD But I will honestly say that it is “hot.” (I have no idea how to explain it really, so I decided to explain it graphically: please take a look to the pic above). Clear… isn’t it?

Well, what we do:

  1. Surf the web to find awesome pics of Tomki, including memes.
  2. We also look for fan art, and theories.
  3. We include comics! (Note: geek girls as Admins).
  4. Try to stay calm while collecting the pics… (obviosly, an impossible endeavour).
  5. Go to Loki’s Army page and post the pics…

At some point our faces look like that. I mean… let’s face it… when you search for hundreds of pics that you will later on post on the fan page in Facebook, there is no other face pose you can really make. And, well, since you are just posting and posting, you are just moving the mouse with the rythm of your heart… so… ^^;

Army: How does it feel to be an Admin of Loki’s Army??

Khaleesi: HOT.

A: How is your work as an Admin of Loki’s Army??

K: Where did I put the ice…?

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Interview with Awesome Cosplayer FahrLight Loki

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Pic by Tom Hiddleston.

Khaleesi: Where are you from?

FahrLight Loki: I am from Berlin in Germany, but I am living in Scotland right now.

K: Why did you start cosplaying as Loki?

FLL: At first I didn’t plan to because he is too perfect to even try and cosplay him, you know? But I love the character so much, it was hard to leave the idea of cosplaying him behind. One day I saw myself with slicked back hair and it kinda worked suddenly, after that day I had to order a costume ASAP. And I never regretted it a second.

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Interview with the Awesome Clear Crystal Loki Cosplay

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Khaleesi: Where are you from?

Clear Crystal Cosplay: I’m from Germany.

K: Why did you start cosplaying as Loki?

CCC: We all watched Thor and The Avengers and it was cool and funny but back then I wasn’t much of a Loki fan. I liked him, but I wasn’t that interested in him.

Then, one evening my girlfriend and I stayed at a friend’s house and we watched Thor: The Dark World in the worst quality ever and somehow that night I really really started to like MCU Loki.

In our last years of cosplay we were more into fantasy stuff and LARP. I had absolutely no idea how to make armor and my girlfriend tried to avoid sewing as much as possible.

But that day we thought that we should give it a try.

We had half a year until AnimagiC in Bonn (a convention we visit every year) and we worked really hard to make the whole costume as close to the original movie costume as we possibly could. And that’s the result and I’m really proud of my girlfriend and thankfulthat she helped me with this.

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