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There is one scene in the Avengers that gives me the creeps: the “bullying scene”. It is quite explicit itself: Hulk smashes Loki on the floor without mercy and without thinking about it too much. Could we take this scene as a metaphor for all the bullying that is going at schools and also later on in our lives into the workplace?

Under American eyes, Loki can be the representative of geeks in Asgard. If we consider Loki as a geek his actions to get noticed, to be one of the group, or to be accepted, are easily understood as a metaphor for those of a Midgardian kid who struggles at school for a place in the tiny, and yet quite cruel, schooling system. Since we tend to value physical characteristics more than intellectual ones, it is no wonder that you might have bullies who will take advantage of kids who have less muscle, but more brains.

Taken into this light, this scene could be seen as follows: Hulk representing the bully who has lots of animal instincts and few brains. Hulk is a scientist who turns into a huge guy who is driven by anger more than logic. And when this happens, he smashes things around. His opponent is Loki. Even though he might be a God, and even though he might be intellectually superior (or at least he thinks that), he has no physical match agains the Hulk. He simply does not have the muscle power.

This scene might be funny, but if we take a closer look it does recall a certain situation many kids might be facing at school: bullying. The bigger guy will get, by fear or by force, the money for food or even the food from the tinier guy. Maybe the tiny kid is more intelligent, but at the moment he has no power as to face “his Hulk”. Even if the tiny one cries out loud “enough”! It is possible that the big bully will find his way with force, or by using words that will definitely hurt, like “puny God.”

What do you think?

Sad but so beautiful

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I am sharing this awesome and sad drawing of Loki by Linda Marie Anson. I specially love the sad expression of the face, and the illumination of the eyes. It is compelling and at the same time it makes you want to give him a hug!

This is one of my favorite artworks of Loki. Linda Marie Anson is creating awesome art. So, please check her deviantart page 🙂 You won’t regret it!