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Dear Stan Lee, by Elena Pugh

Stan Lee & Tom Hiddleston, source: WhoSay.

Dear Stan Lee,

My name is Elena Pugh and I’m a big fan of your work and your amusing participation in the Marvel cinematic universe cameos. I’m jus a 16 year old girl who is weirdly into the entire universe of marvel and just that geek-nerd culture entirely and I felt the need that I really needed to thank you for your great work and tell you something important and possibly help out due to the fact I can see there is alot of confusion about what to do for many of the cinematic Marvel films. On a side note: Great cameos in the movies hehe, they are very creative and amusing to find : with me that mostly includes shouting out, “Look its Stan Lee” in a cinema theatre as people either nod their heads or it completely fly it over their heads , non the less its always a cheer to see you take part .

Im from Uk, England and not living in London makes it very hard to follow the first realises and ComicCons , especially the great ones like the San Diego Comic Con which had been a dream for me to visit. But more to what I really wanted to tell you: After watching Guardians of The Galaxy in the cinema I feel like I should tell someone who is involved with the movies that it opened alot of hope to a moisture story to Loki’s redemption or a way to “wow” the fans over by showing the real deepness or the accidental deepness of the movies and I feel that alot of directors- producers and screen writers are missing it .

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